Guest friendly hotels in Pattaya for less than 1000 Baht

Although this website is focused on entertainment and nightlife in the city of Bangkok, we do get many requests for information on other parts of Thailand. Requests about inexpensive guest friendly hotels in Pattaya are among the most common. With that in mind we present the following list of rooms available for less than 1000 Baht.

The Encore Hotel Pattaya

The Encore Hotel offers guest friendly rooms only steps away from Pattaya’s infamous Walking Street for just 625 Baht when booked online. Those who show up in person with cash in hand will likely be charged more.

Pattaya Noble Place 1

Pattaya Noble Place 1 is a nice but inexpensive guest friendly hotel located very close to Pattaya Beach and the infamous Walking Street nightlife area. Rooms are available for less than 600 baht when booked online, though they go for as much as 1400 Baht a night when booked in person.

The Rock House Pattaya

The Rock House offers guest friendly apartment like rooms right in the middle of the LK Metro, which is Pattaya’s second largest nightlife area. Rooms are available for less than 600 Baht when booked online though they can cost twice as much when paid for in person.

18 Coins Inn Pattaya

18 Coins Inn is a guest friendly hotel in Pattaya centrally located on Soi Buakao offering rooms for as little as 550 Baht when booking online.

Bacione Bar rooms Soi Bukao PattayaBacione Bar is a small bar centrally located on Soi Buakao that offers inexpensive rooms for 525 baht when booked online.