Nana Hotel Bangkok

Nana Hotel is as the name would indicate located just outside of Nana Station, on Soi Nana (Sukhumvit Soi 4), right across from the famed Nana Entertainment Plaza which houses several Bangkok go go bars. In this location most would expect it to be a guest friendly hotel and they would be correct.

Depending on who you ask the Nana is either still a nice and viable hotel to stay at or an old worn out place to be avoided. One thing is for certain, the parking lot at the Nana Hotel still attracts freelancers every night as it has for years. Women unwilling or unable to work in go go bars, massage parlors or other establishments line up and wait into the early hours for someone to come by and sweep them away for a hour or more of fun in exchange for several hundred (or thousand) Baht.

Perhaps that is a major draw. Another may simply be the name recognition and central location. Something is keeping the Nana Hotel in business. The place definitely has its repeat clientele. It has a 3.5 star rating on Trip Advisor which is just about average.

Rooms aren’t that expensive but booking stays at the Nana Hotel online often brings huge discounts over the walk in rate.

The location of Nana Hotel is pinpointed on the map below.


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