Guest Friendly Hotel – On8 Hotel on Soi 8

On8 Hotel is a nice, girl friendly hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 8. In Thailand it is considered a three star hotel, but if it were located in some other countries it might get four stars. At the same time, it is very reasonably priced considering its central location and relatively high standards.

On8 is only a few meters into Soi 8. It is maybe a two minute walk from Sukhhumvit Boulevard. It is also within walking distance of world famous adult entertainment locations such as Nana Entertainment Plaza and even Soi Cowboy. It’s also directly across the street from Bamboo Massage.

The hotel is even more convenient than it might sound however since it has two entrances. The second entrance opens directly onto Sukhumvit itself, just in front of a staircase going to Nana Station on the much-used BTS train line.

On8 girl friendly hotel in Bangkok

On8 has a nice clean wooden lobby. There is also a cafe inside that is in fact more of a restaurant with a pretty good menu. In the morning, that area is used to serve complimentary breakfast to guests of the hotel.

The hotel also has a elevator and a staircase for easy access to the five floors full of rooms. The whole place is covered with high speed WiFi and central air conditioning. The rooms are opened with key cards which is nice since they can easily be put into your wallet.

While rooms at On8 do have windows, they are frosted and insulated to help keep out heat and sounds. Rooms are insulated from each other too, so guests don’t hear what’s going on in nearby rooms. Each room has a large bed, a big glass shower, and a flat screen television.

On8 Hotel is completely girl friendly. Guests of the hotel can sign in their visitors at the front desk, but it isn’t always enforced. There is a friendly security guard who works the door at all hours. If guests call someone to come directly to their room, they will sometime be escorted by the security guard to make sure everything is okay. That can be avoided by meeting visitors in the lobby.

On8 is open around the clock. The location of the hotel is pinpointed in the map below.

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