How to Make a Live Cam Girl Squirt in 4 Simple Steps

In the world of porn, there’s one particular sex act that never fails to make men empty their balls and send women into convulsing orgasms of sheer sexual pleasure. It’s not the cum facial, it’s not the creampie, and it’s not the beautiful act of hard anal sex. I’m talking about the divine sight of seeing a woman squirt!

The art of a squirting pussy is an epic experience for countless people for many reasons. Some people appreciate the raw sexual energy that comes from squirting, others adore how much it makes women lose control of their pussies, and then there are those with a perverted thirst to taste a woman’s divine juices.

Some people call squirt pee; others call it the most divine drink known to humankind. I’m definitely one of the latter types of people! But it’s time for a reality check. Not all women can squirt, and finding one who can isn’t an easy task. Even if you do, she might not have mastered letting her body go wild enough to unleash the divine liquid.

But what would you say if I told you that there’s a way to gain access to a virtual world of real squirting women who offer you the chance to make them squirt via the use of interactive sex toys? Yep, I’m talking about the wild world of free live porn cam girls!

There’s been a surge in adult cam sites over the years, with many models flocking to them, eager to show the world how hard they can squirt on cam. But, quite often, they want people like you to help!

In exchange for a tip, there’s a vast number of ways people can make a live sex cam model squirt on camera, and this article is going to show you all of the sticky secrets required to do so!

Choose The Right Cam Girl

PD Cams

The first step is to choose a suitable cam model to help you live out your squirting fantasies. On any leading cam sex site, tens of thousands of models often perform live, but not all of them can squirt.

Luckily, some sites like PDCams have dedicated squirting categories so that their users can easily find the right cam girl for them, and these girls are all verified squirters, so you don’t have to worry about any posers pretending to be the next Adriana Chechik!

But even after you’ve found a cam girl who can squirt, there’s an art to making it happen, which brings me to my next point!

Know What Makes Her Squirt

what makes her squirt

Every cam girl is different and has their own likes and dislikes in the bedroom, the same as anyone, really. So even if a cam girl has been verified as a squirter, you still need to identify some things to make the treasured event happen. Namely, knowing what it is that makes her squirt.

To find out, kick back, relax, and watch your chosen cam girl in action to see what it is that makes her pussy explode. Maybe she loses control of herself when an industrial-grade sex machine is pounding her; perhaps she explodes with juices when a Bluetooth-controlled Lovense vibrator hammers her G spot while she grinds a magic wand against her clit. When you discover what it is, the world of squirting sex is your oyster!

But what if you really want to make her squirt so hard that she’s turned into a human fire hydrant that looks like something straight out of a hardcore porn studio? There’s a unique trick to making that happen, and I’m about to introduce you to it!

Get Her Warmed Up With Some Dirty Talk

Whether it’s IRL sex or virtual sex on a cam site, girls adore foreplay before the hardcore fun begins. On a live sex cam site, this foreplay often comes in the form of dirty talk via the platform’s live sex chat feature, as this is a great way to get a cam girl’s juices flowing before the big event.

Talk about her favorite sexual activities and what you’d love to do to her, and underline how beautiful she is and how hard her pussy makes your dick. Go with the flow, and you’ll have a hearty flow oozing from her pussy in next to no time!

Don’t Be Afraid to Up The Ante!

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Ok, you’ve chosen your ideal squirting cam girl, got her suitably wet with some of the naughtiest dirty talk known to humankind, and are not ready to get stuck into your mission of making your chosen cam model squirt like a firehose. It’s finally the big moment, and I will teach you how to do it!

Most leading cam sites revolve around the same interactive sex model that lets you take command of a range of high-tech sex toys which are remote-controlled via Bluetooth. Whether it’s the powerful Lovense vibrators or intensely-powerful fucking machines, many women struggle to hold themselves back from squirting at the power of these toys!

However, many cam girls are overexposed to these toys and their vibrations, so you should never be scared to up the ante and ramp the toys up to maximum power if you’re eager to see the wet and messy results of a squirting orgasm.

Many cam site users make the mistake of being too nervous about turning these toys up to maximum power, but the girls are often begging for it in a lust-fuelled state and want to cum as hard as possible. So why would you deny these horny sluts the pleasure they deserve?

Through Live Sex Sites, Making a Chick Squirt Has Never Been Easier!

And there you have it! It’s often the dream of many men to make a woman squirt as hard as possible, and thanks to the introduction of live sex cam sites like PDCams, it’s never been easier. By following the advice in this guide, your squirting fantasies will come true via live porn sessions you’ll never forget. I hope you’ve stocked up on towels; you’ll need them for the cleanup!

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