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A lot of punters know the value of adult dating websites and services. Younger guys well versed in computers and more recently smart phones are the most active in this area but plenty of old timers have also caught on to the trend. Not since the rise of go go bars decades ago have so many women been available to so many guys in such a concentrated area. The best thing is the focus. Any woman on a dating site is obviously looking to date which is totally different from public spaces like shopping malls and the street where a guy has no idea if a lady he has his eyes on is single, straight or interested in being approached at all.

As most farang in Thailand know, one of the most popular dating sites locally is Thai Friendly. While this website is good it is focused solely on the Land of Smiles. There are many other websites out there and a few that cover the whole world. Of those only a handful are specifically oriented toward hooking up.

As the name would suggest, Free Sex Dating is a sex personals site aimed toward those consenting adults who know what they are looking for and know that what they are looking for is a good time. Best of all the website makes things easy by offering a totally free registration process. Signing up is easy and within no time new members are looking at a seemingly endless list of profiles of women who are willing to get busy with guys who contact them and strike their fancy.

The website offers all the usual features that allow users to narrow down searches to suit them. The vast amount of profiles can be searched by age, gender, location and more. Pictures are up front and obvious so for the most part users know exactly what it is that they are getting into.

A wide variety of women seem to be represented on Free Sex Dating which indicates that the site has a lot of appeal. Women from all different locations around the world are also represented so most guys can probably find someone near them without much effort. This is sure different than the bad old days when guys would have to search far and wide to even get a whiff of action like this.

I guess women are getting more adventurous as time goes on. A lot of the profiles on the site contain nude or otherwise alluring pictures and many profiles are totally upfront and explicit in their detail. On the other hand it is more likely that a lot of women always had these kinds of feelings and urges but simply didn’t have the means to express them or were trapped in a society where such expression was officially or implicitly forbidden.

I don’t have a lot of experience with Fuck Book as I only recently became aware of it thanks to an email from a contact of mine. I am certainly interested in the site and I plan to explore it in more detail in the very near future.

I’m always up to learn new things. That’s part of what keeps me young or at least out of the grave I guess. I’m eager to know what kinds of experiences others have had on the site. Successes are always interesting but failures can be valuable for the learning experiences they give. Anyone who has tried out the Free Sex Dating should leave a comment here to let their thoughts on the site be known.



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