The Biggest escort website in Thailand now opening in Hong Kong too

Without question, Smooci is the biggest escort website in Thailand especially now that Craigslist got rid of its erotic services and personals sections. Smooci started out in Bangkok. Even when they first started out they promoted the fact that they planned to expand. Now they’re doing exactly that.

According to the Smooci website, the company will start operating in Hong Kong this weekend. The site will work in Hong Kong in the same way it has been working in Bangkok for quite a while now. In Bangkok, the site lists a lot of ladies. Some of them work for escort agencies. Others work on their own as independent. That will be the case in Hong Kong too. There will be a mix of agency and independent Hong Kong escorts listed on Smooci.

There are apparently some twists in the works along with the Hong Kong roll out too. For example, Smooci will have an incall place in Hong Kong on top of the typical outcall. That means that people with no place to bring ladies to will be able to travel to a central location. Further, they are adding new technical features such as automated messages sent out over their Twitter account that will announce when particular escorts get very high ratings from customers. They’re also adding an alert feature that tells you when an escort you select is online.

Smooci is now operating in Bangkok, Singapore and Manila. Those are all major cities and major markets with millions of people in them. Hong Kong rivals New York in size and it actually has a lot of stuff going on even for naughty boys. Sure there are no Nana Plazas in Hong Kong, but even though the place is officially a part of China, there are lots and lots of escorts and more. Smooci will serve as a sort of central database of escorts there on an easy to operating English website. No wonder they’re growing leaps and bounds!

I think the real genius of Smooci is that they’re not actually an escort service as they clearly spell out right on their site. Instead, they’re just a website where escorts can post their profiles. So they provide a needed service without becoming actual service providers themselves. It sort of reminds me of the postal service, except that Smooci actually seems to function as promised at all times.

When I used to peruse Craigslist in Hong Kong, I noticed that there were a lot of ladyboys posting there in the personal section. Most of them were Thai. I am sure that a lot of those ladyboy escorts are now going to go over to Smooci. In Bangkok for example, Smooci has a ladyboy section that is absolutely filled. I’ve noticed a lot of Asian guys going in and out of ladyboy bars in Thailand too. I haven’t studied the customer demographics, but this is my observation. I think Thai ladyboys are popular in China.

I’m personally more interested in the women born as women, but everyone has their own tastes. A lot of people might look down on me for running a website like this to begin with. Meanwhile, I pity people who are stuck in places where their only sexual outlet is their own fist. Still, the world turns. As it does, Smooci keeps on getting bigger and bigger. I’m curious to see where it will pop up next!


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