Guest Friendly Hotel – 24 Inn Hotel, Sukhumvit, Bangkok

There used to be a rundown short time hotel on the corner of Soi 24 and Sukhumvit. Not anymore. The place is now home to a brand new trendy hotel called the 24 Inn. Although the hotel is totally redesigned it is still guest friendly.

24 Inn is located right in front of the Phrom Phog BTS Station. It even has an entrance directly from the BTS Station so people staying at the hotel don’t need to walk out in the sun or rain to get to the train.

The hotel is so close to the BTS in fact that people who don’t want to see or hear the train should probably avoid the rooms facing Sukhumvit Road. The train actually makes very little noise but the street and cars on the street are a different story.

Otherwise the hotel is good. The location is hard to beat. It is just a short walk from all of the oily massage parlors on Soi 24, Soi 24/1 and Soi 33. It is also right next door to the large and modern Emporium shopping mall.

24 Inn girl friendly hotel in Bangkok

At the moment rooms cost around 1,500 Baht a night. They may go up soon. WiFi is available throughout the hotel, including in the rooms. There is no restaurant in the hotel. That means there is no free breakfast. But there are so many places to eat within a one minute walk of the hotel that it doesn’t really matter.

After inquiring I found out that 24 Inn even offers monthly rates. They are lower than you might expect for a brand new hotel in the heart of Bangkok.

Overall, 24 Inn is a great hotel for anyone who likes the oily massage parlors. It is centrally located and gives access to all parts of the city that guys like me love. Plus the prices are some of the best you can find in Bangkok.

I always check hotels I write about here, however I can’t guarantee anything. The best route to take for anyone interested in 24 Inn is to book online well in advance.

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