Thonglor Massage 1&2, Bangkok: Nice rooms and good service

Thonglor Massage 1&2 are located near the BTS station of… Phrom Phong! Then why do they call the places Thonglor Massage? Maybe because the name Nana Massage was not available.

I like these 2 massage shops because they have very nice new rooms with very clean showers, which is the only real drawback of places like Angel 26 and Teen Massage III where rooms and showers are in urgent need of renovation. I usually go to Thonglor Massage 2 which is easier to reach and seems to be the general headquarters for the girls. Both share the same girls and if you are at the ‘wrong’ shop you have to wait 10 minutes that the girl comes.

The girl selection is quite large with a few pretties, but Thonglor shops seem to start later than other shop. I recommend to go there after 4pm. Obviously they also work a lot with appointment rather than direct visit. The direct visit is not a problem at all but you may find out that several girls are already booked.

And of course, beware of the photos on the book. Some are obviously enhanced, at least in the way they are taken.

The welcome is usually friendly and the service usually very good. Very good place for a nice oil massage with at least a happy ending.

Thonglor II massage is located on Sukhumvit soi 24, in a small soi on the right, 20 meters from the start of the soi (from Sukhumvit road). Not far from the side entrance of Emporium.

Thonglor I, the big sister, is located on Sukhumvit soi 26, opposite from Tara Hotel.

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