Mitu Massage on Soi 33

Mitu Massage is a Japanese run massage parlor on Sukhumvit Soi 33. It used to be in a multi-level building on Soi 33 in the same complex as the S33 Compact Hotel. At one point it was so busy that it started to expand into things like Mitu Ladyboy Massage and a Mitu Sideliners Massage on the other side of the street.

I don’t know what happened but the original location ended up closing. Another shop called Dozo took its place. Mitu Massage then moved over to where the Mitu Sideliners shop was. It is in a short dead end alley just off to the right of Soi 33 when entering from Sukhumvit Road. You can see the exact location on the map below.

Mitu Massage Bangkok

Most of the customers at Mitu are Asian but the shop is welcoming to people of all nationalities. They just offer the high standard of service people come to expect in countries like Japan rather than the lackadaisical level they might find in the land of smiles.

The rooms at Mitu are big and clean thanks to the dedicated cleaning woman. They have deep bathtubs and big tile areas where they pull out inflatable mats specially designed for body to body slides. They use real Japanese nuru lotion and perform some great mat play. A full cat bath with rimming is usually a part of that. After the shower play they finish things off over on sturdy quality beds. And they even throw in free drinks!

There are a lot of women working at Mitu. They almost all look good to me. They don’t do lineups though. You have to pick service providers from pictures on a screen. At least the pictures aren’t heavily modified.

The Mitu Massage website has a daily list of who is and isn’t available. It also allows for booking. The website is unique in listing accurate stats for each of the women including their ages and how many children they have had (quite a few say 0)!

Full sessions at Mitu start at 2700 Baht and go all the way up to 4300 Baht. So service at Mitu ends up being about twice as much as it is at other oily massage parlor in Bangkok or more with extras thrown in. But the level is service is also much higher than average too. It seems the management does some kind of special selection or training that ensures the staff all knows how to make men feel like kings.

Mitu Massage is open every day from 10 AM to 10 PM. The phone number is 099-518-5939. The website is The location of the shown is pinpointed in the map below.

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