Spanky’s go go bar in Nana Plaza

Spanky’s is a standout go go bar in Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4. One reason it stands out is because they have women standing out front of the bar with foam rods that they smack passing people with. This smacking makes a loud cracking whip sound even though the foam rods create absolutely no pain whatsoever. It is quite the attention getter.

Spanky's shower show

Don’t confuse Spanky’s with the nearby Straps. Don’t confuse it with The Strip either. The names are similar and they’ve all got dancers on stage in next to nothing, but they’re not the same places at all.

Spanky’s is located on the second floor on the left hand side of Nana Plaza. You really can’t miss it with the signs outside and the naughty smackers waiting for people to give a good whack. Because it is a unique place it pulls in a lot of customers. Some nights it is so full you can barely find the seat.

There are a lot of dancers at Spanky’s. They run the gambit from good looking to single mom of three with severe stretchmarks. Most of them drop their tops while their dancing. They fill the stage up but there are always more girls around. Some walk around smacking customers with the foam rods or inviting customers to give them a nice swat on the behind.

They also have a shower in the corner. There some of the babes in the bar with the best bodies do full shower shows in the buff. They get fully nude and wash themselves down with slimy soap. It’s really something to see. The problem is the seats nearest to the showers are blocked from the stage and the shower isn’t easy to see from some of the seats closer to the stage.

On top of that, some of the shower stunners don’t seem like they want much to do with customers. So there could be a very hot naked women in a shower getting the attention of several guys then spurning all of their advances right after. Okay for a wild nightclub maybe. Strange to say the least for a go go bar in Bangkok.

Drinks at Spanky’s are 160 Baht. Lady drinks are 160 Baht too. The bar fine is 600 Baht.

Spanky’s go go bar in Nana Entertainment Plaza is open every day from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM. Their Facebook page is The exact location of the bar is pinpointed on the map below.

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