Sensual Massage Bangkok on Soi 16

Sensual Massage is located on a side street just off of Sukhumvit Soi 16 near the Asoke intersection. For years it was one of the many small massage parlors on Sukhumvit Soi 22. There is a small alley that comes off of the main road there too. It is only maybe 10 or 20 meters long. Both sides are full of massage shops crammed into little spaces. They usually have tiny lobbies but normal size rooms upstairs. There are a lot of fetish massage places here. We could put Sensual Massage into that category too. But now the shop has relocated to what might be a better place.

It’s not hard to find Sensual Massage. Once you are on the right street you just need to find the sign. This is not like some overstuffed market. It is a nice open and airy street with plenty of room. So if you want to go to Sensual Massage you can. Or you can just keep walking. You are the paying customers and your choices in life are up to you. That’s the beauty of it all. It’s up to you!

Fetish massage at Sensual Massage

There are so many massage parlors in Bangkok. Why would anyone chose one shop over another? It comes down to a lot of things. These days more massage parlors are specializing in certain services to stand apart. But then the other shops nearby often do the same thing.

Mitu Massage on Soi 33 started with the Japanese nuru massage style service. Soon after you had a lot of shops like Doki Doki doing the same thing. That is just how it goes in Asia. We can see the same thing here. Sensual Massage does fetish massage. So do most of the other massage parlors like Exotic Massage on the same little street where Sensual Massage used to be located.

ladies at sensual massage bangkok

What exactly is fetish massage? Unlike Exotic Massage and it’s long full menu of things to do, Sensual Massage basically has a few types of appointments. They do have a foot fetish option that make available up front. But the ladies do a lot of other fetish work by request.

A “happy ending” meaning a hand job is standard at Sensual Massage. But they can do a lot of other stuff too. The ladies can wear stockings or high heels on request. They can do golden showers. They can do teasing and denial which they call tantra massage. The women also do prostate massage, bondage, nipple play, face smacking and spitting. They will probably kick you in the balls too, if that’s what you’re into.

Prices and summary

Will all these erotic options you might expect to pay a lot money. But this isn’t America or Europe. So the prices are pretty reasonable. A one hour full service massage is 2000 Baht. Add another girl for a “four hands” massage with full service and it’s 3800 Baht. A massage with happy ending is just 900 Baht. They have a cheaper one hour massage and blowjob option 1500 Baht too.

When you add the fetish services, prices do start to go up a little bit. But they don’t sell them piecemeal with a check off list. Pretty much any kind of fetish service is included in the fetish massage price. That’s 2500 Baht for an hour, 3000 Baht for 90 minutes, or 3500 Baht for 2 hours. The longer sessions are less rushed and allow for a lot more play.

It seems like there are just five or six ladies at Sensual Massage. I would say they are all about average looking. I haven’t seen any stunners or any real dogs working there. So it’s about right in the middle run of the mill. You might be able to accidentally satisfy your MILF fetish here though.

The rooms are pretty regular too. They are basically just like bed rooms with showers in the corners and mattresses on the floor. They aren’t spotless like a hospital but they aren’t dirty like the really low end places either. Again it’s just about right in the middle or average for the city. The services are more special though. So that’s why people looking for fetish massage go to Sensual Massage.

Sensual Massage is open every day from 10 AM to 1 AM. The phone number is 061-720-8883. Their website is The location of the massage parlor is pinpointed on the map above.

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