Picasso Massage on Soi 19

Picasso Massage is a full service nuru massage parlor in Bangkok. This is one of the newer massage parlors in the city and already it has become one of the best. Picasso was of course a great artist with a masterful yet unique approach to the brush. Picasso Bangkok is a great massage parlor with a wonderful approach to the erotic massage business!

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As an Asian style massage parlor this place is kept totally clean inside. They also hire better looking women. You see the Asian standard of beauty here with nice thin ladies with good natural bodies and lighter skin a lot. Of course there are also a couple of bubbly women with curves in the right places too. There is a better quality of women here than in most of the go go bars these days.

Picasso is a one of a kind massage parlor. Along with the wonderful nuru gel service they also have a more straight forward full service option. When it comes to full service the staff is broken up into three categories: silver, gold and platinum. The prices correspond to the “level” of each lady. This is a good short hand for quality and skills!

Location of Picasso Massage

Picasso Massage is in a short side soi connected to Soi 19. It is on the right hand side of the soi when coming from Sukhumvit. Walking up Soi 19 you quickly see three very short cul de sac sois on the right. The third of these side sois is home to Picasso Massage. It is easy to see. Or you could just follow a map!

The closest BTS station is Asok. It is about 300 meters away. The closest MRT station is Sukhumvit. This is a very centrally located shop that can be reached from all major transportation lines, as well as by taxi, motorcycle, or even on foot.

Staff, service, prices

The entire staff at Picasso Massage get high marks in both the looks and the skills departments! We are talking about over twenty very attractive ladies. Anyone who thought the days of slim and sexy Thai women was over only has to look at the lineup here to see the truth. Picasso has lots of ladies in the 20 to 25 age range. Fair skin with the kind of bright smiling faces that gave Thailand its nickname. Combine that with a Japanese style seriousness to the work and you end up with a beautiful experience.

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Another good thing is that Picasso is honest with their pictures. What you see is what you get here. Plus they are a little more detailed in their descriptions. So we can see for example that the 25 year old Ami has implants. Meanwhile we also can know that the larger than average rack on Mimi is all natural. The staff profiles also list the “class” of each lady. This lets us know the prices so there are no surprises. A nice touch.

Nuru massage is on the menu here. The ladies who are trained for nuru massage are listed. This is a real skill that takes some expertise. It’s good to get a real nuru massage from someone who knows how to do it. Otherwise what’s the point? A nuru massage here costs 3000 Baht for an hour or 3500 Baht for ninety minutes. This is completely fair.

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When it comes to the full service massage the prices are different. It depends on the declared class of the lady. Silver is cheapest, followed by Gold then finally Platinum. It doesn’t mean they have “ugly” ladies on the bottom tier though. For example look at the lovely Soda who is in the silver class! Forty minutes of full service with a Silver lady is 2100 Baht. For Gold it is 3000.

Picasso Massage also has outcall service. This is a way to have a lady brought to a private room. It’s a nice way to spend some time indoors. Silver and Gold ladies offer outcall. An hour is 2900 Baht for Silver or 3900 Baht for Gold. Prices go up from this beginning level. Long time outcall is even available. Twenty four hours with a Silver provider is 14000 Baht.

Picasso Massage overview

I was really glad to find Picasso Massage. There are many options around but after a while there can be a certain kind of blandness, even in this field. Thankfully Picasso has done things the way they should be done. That makes it shine like a beacon. The staff of sexy smiling Thai gals is the biggest plus of all.

I have made no secret of my love for nuru massage. This is a place doing real nuru massage. Everything from the gel to the mats and even the rooms are legitimate. They also have a full service option that is completely satisfying.

Picasso Massage is a really great full service massage parlor in a perfect location. Discreet and refined, it has become one of the top massage parlors of its kind. This place is customer oriented and shows how professional erotic massage can be done right.

The physical location of Picasso Massage is 28/9 Sukhumivit 19 Alley, Lane 2, Khlong Toei Nuea, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. The shop is open every day from 11:00 to 24:00. The Picasso Massage website is located at https://picassobkk.com. The website contains a map and more information including pictures of the women who work at the massage parlor plus other details.

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