Overview of Daisy Dream on Soi 33

Daisy Dream is a real standout massage parlor even in Bangkok. It is one of the newer massage parlors in the city and you can tell that a lot of work went into the place. Many massage parlors are basically just plain rooms with women in them. That’s not the case here. Daisy Dream looks like you walked into a high end Asian themed hotel. It’s really nice and refreshing to visit after coming in from the weather.

daisy dream massage lady

The inside of Daisy Dream is really cool. Everything is customized and to design. You can see elegant Asian parasols integrated into the decorations. You get the vibe that you wandered into a high class Asian bordello in some time past. Yet it’s all modern as you can tell by looking at the great descriptive website they run.

The Daisy Dream massage parlor first opened about six months ago. But it already a very popular place. With so many customers coming in to a shop like this a large staff is required. When I took a look inside recently there were twenty four ladies in the lineup. That is a lot for any shop. The best part is that they were all good looking. I didn’t see even a single lady that I wouldn’t want to spend time with. That too is rare in this day and age.

Location of Daisy Dream

As I described earlier, Daisy Dream is located on Sukhumvit Soi 33. Some people call this a Japanese street and it’s easy to see why. There are lots of Japanese businesses here including everything from karaoke clubs to ramen noodle restaurants. But there is much else too including Thai massage parlors and the ubiquitous 7 Elevens.

Daisy Dream is located in the third alley on the right side of Soi 33 if coming from Sukhumvit Road. The official address is 12/8 Soi Sukhumvit 33. The shop is at the end of that short alley on the right hand side. You really can’t miss the place. All you have to do is look out for the sign. But really it’s not tough to find at all. You will know when you are inside because you’ll be in probably the best decorated place on the entire street.

Although Daisy Dream isn’t hard to find at all, it does have a nice discreet location. You can easily get too and from the place without anyone having a real idea of what you are doing. Yet it is so convenient to many other place and the BTS train.

Staff, services, prices

There are lots women working at Daisy Dream, and they all look good to me. If I had to guess a median age I would say it is probably around twenty four or twenty five. The women are all fit and they look really good in their colorful dresses. When you walk in they line up for you as you sit in the comfortable and private seats.

jacuzzi room at daisy dream

The size of the lineup depends on when you visit the shop, which is true of most places. But the lineups at Daisy Dream can be so big that they stretch all along the long walls of the shop. Right when the shop opens there might be ten ladies there. But by 2:00 PM you could easily see twenty or more. Then by the evening rush you can see thirty or more hot Thai babes lined up. It’s almost like being in a go go bar in terms of choice at that point, only with much nicer surroundings.

Despite how nice the place is, the prices at Daisy Dream are surprisingly reasonable. You can spend a lot of money getting a massage on Soi 33 these days. But at Daisy Dream the rates are quite competitive. I have to say that I was actually surprised since I expected that they would be higher.

A basic forty minute massage at Daisy Dream is only 2000 Baht! Of course you can splurge and get a really nice room but even then the prices aren’t that high at all. For example you can get a two hour long massage from two girls in the jacuzzi room for just 10000 Baht. The sweet spot is right in the middle with a 90 minute nuru massage in the jacuzzi room for 5000 Baht. Considering that some places in the area now charge more than that for a basic massage the rates at Daisy Dream are very reasonable.


Daisy Dream is a luxury erotic and nuru massage parlor in Bangkok. It is quickly becoming a popular place. This is thanks to all the thought that has been put into running a great massage shop. Men and even couples are finding and enjoying the place. I did too.

Despite the high quality of the place and the good looks of the ladies the prices at Daisy Dream are very reasonable. The prices range between 2000 and 10000 Baht depending on the type of service and length of appointment.

The physical location of Daisy Dream Massage Club is 12/8 Soi Sukhumvit 33, Bangkok, 10110. The shop is open every day from 12:00 PM to 2:00 AM. The Daisy Dream website is located at daisydream.club. The website contains a map and more information including pictures of the women who work at the massage parlor and the fantastic interior design.


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