Ola Ola Massage on Soi 22

Ola Ola Massage is a Japanese style erotic massage parlor located in Bangkok. This is a full service nuru massage parlor. They have many ladies who are specially trained to give a Japanese style happy ending massage. They do a full body to body massage, hand job, blow job, and full job all in one.

Jenny from Ola Ola Massage in bangkok

After I visited Ola Ola Massage one time I was impressed. After I visited the second time I was a regular customer. Ladies like Ada and Pao Pao are some of the best additions to erotic massage in Bangkok I’ve seen in years. I also like Yuri’s big rack! It would be great on its own. When it’s used in a nice nuru massage it those puppies are even better.

The rooms are a high standard too. There is a Japanese level to attention here. Everything is kept clean and sanitary. This is a must at this period in time. Sadly it is not something you find everywhere in Bangkok. You do find nicely disinfected spaces at Ola Ola but it’s not clinical. You feel like you checked in to a nice new erotic spa or sauna for men.

Location of Ola Ola Massage

Finding Ola Ola Massage is nice and easy. It has a convenient location right on Sukhumvit Soi 22 across from the Holiday Inn Sukhumvit Hotel. From the hotel or Sukhumvit Road you can get to Ola Ola Massage in a minute or two by foot.

When you enter Soi 22 from Sukhumvit, turn right into the first small side street. You will see Ola Ola Massage a few meters in at the end of that short sub Soi. You will see a colorful neon sign that says “Ola Ola” in the window.

The closest BTS Stations are Asok and Phrom Pong. You can walk to Ola Ola Massage from either one of those BTS stations in just a few minutes. It is a nice area to get out and see the sights. Especially sexy Thai ladies from the nearby malls and massage parlors walking around.

Staff, service, prices

There are a lot of masseuses working at Ola Ola. This might be one of the biggest lineups I’ve ever seen in a Bangkok soapy massage parlor in recent memory. The mamasan has them all come out and actually lineup too. So you can pick from the women in person. None of this choosing from fake photos on an IPad. I am grateful for that.

Ola Ola has some great hiring requirement. Rule number one, the ladies have to be sexy. I didn’t see any uglies here. All sexy Thai ladies with good bodies. Spinners with flat chests and asses, curvy bombshells with T&A, Asian style beauties with white skin. I saw it all at Ola Ola. Some of my favorites are Nana and Jenny. Though I would love to try them all if time and money were no object.

erotic massage ladies ola ola

What about the erotic massage services? They have an AV Massage, a Nuru Massage and a Two Lady Massage. AV Massage is a nice 40 minute full service session with a sexy Thai lady for 1900 Baht. The Nuru Massage is better because you get a real body to body slide with the nuru gel. For me this is the best part of Japanese style massage. A 60 minute nuru massage with 1 shot is 3000 Baht. A 90 minute nuru with multiple shots is 3500 Baht.

The two lady massage just doubles your fun. Sixty minutes for 5000 Baht or ninety minutes for 6000. So you get a good discount along with twice the pleasure. You can also upgrade to a jacuzzi room with any service for 500 Baht. When it comes to price you get what you pay for. This is a cut above the average kind of place. Prices matched with that and they are what I expect for a quality Bangkok massage parlor in 2023. The same service in Japan would be much more. Vive Bangkok!

Ola Ola Massage Bangkok overview

Some of the oldest and most classic massage parlors in Bangkok closed over the last two or three years. We could mourn, but we don’t have to. New massage parlors are opening and some of them are better than anything we had before. I have to say that Ola Ola is a great Japanese style erotic massage in Bangkok. I am very glad to see a place like this open. It makes my decision to stay here continuing on as the Sukhumvit Psycho so much easier.

I love nuru massage. When it is does right by properly trained women it is an experience you can’t find anywhere else. Even a romantic passionate relationship between lovers will not include a nuru body to body massage on a mat. This is a special service available only to those who know where to go. Ola Ola Massage is one place that offers this spectacular erotic service in the right way.

Thai full service massage hookers

Ola Ola is also responsive. You can contact them by phone at 090-298-9799, over Line, through WeChat or by just walking in. I was treated very nicely at Ola Ola from beginning to end. I can tell they appreciate their customers. Especially on return visits.

The physical location of Ola Ola Massage is 2/19, 22 Sukhumvit Rd, Khlong Toei, Bangkok 10110. The shop is open every day from 11:00 AM to 11:00 PM. The Ola Ola Massage website is located at https://olaolabangkok.com. The website contains a map and more information including pictures of the women who work at the massage parlor and a picture of the shop front to help with location.

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