Dozo Massage on Soi 33

Dozo Massage is a large massage parlor offering nuru gel service from highly trained professionals. Dozo Massage is a trusted name in Bangkok. For years it has offered a very reliable and pleasurable service while staying in a reasonable price range. It is popular with expats and tourists from all around.

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No massage parlor would be worth a grain of salt if it was not properly staffed. There are some very beautiful Thai ladies working at Dozo Massage. They have a nice range of highly skilled veterans and newer models who have learned the ropes. There is some real eye candy in the lineup here.

This is an Asian style massage parlor. What does that mean? The place is kept very clean and they put a lot of work in. There is no slacking here. Everyone from the front desk to the massage staff and management is really on the ball. You can tell they are trying to please the customer at Dozo massage. They always make me feel right at home.

Location of Dozo Massage

Dozo Massage is located on Sukhumvit Soi 33 next to the S33 Compact Hotel. Walking up Soi 33 from Sukhumvit Road you can easily see Dozo Massage on the left hand side. There is a stair case that leads up into an open complex. Dozo Massage is right on the street side of that. Find it on the map below.

Some may remember that Mitu Massage was located in this building many years ago. Dozo Massage took over and greatly improved things. Every bit from the customer service to the prices have gotten better at Dozo Massage. This is a place where the customer comes first. Well, unless the masseuse does!

Staff and service

There are a good number of ladies staffed at Dozo Massage. They are happy to parade out the lineup for customers in the spacious lobby. There they also have menus with the different services and prices. The rates are fair and exactly what is to be expected for this kind of service in the heart of downtown Bangkok.

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From the twenty women pictures and others seen only in shop I have seen some real beauty. There is a niceness to the women here. They give you a good warm smile when they are introduced. In the private room things can be unleashed and that is when the real fun begins.

Dozo has large clean rooms with bathtubs and big tiled areas for body to body slides on air mattresses using Japanese nuru gel. Rimming and cat baths are usually a part of the mat play and full service is definitely included. The ladies here do not typically shy away for their work. They are dedicated to the job. That is what punters want to see.

Dozo Massage overview

Dozo has a Japanese name and like Mitu is organized in a somewhat Japanese way, but they accept customers from all countries. As stated they have developed a good reputation for real sensuality and full service massage from attractive ladies.

There are some really stunning women working here. You can imagine that they must stay busy. Still there always seems to be even more beautiful women coming from out of the back. Where do they find them? Perhaps that is not for us to know. I am satisfied to know that I can go here any time and expect the highest level of service.

It is no wonder that Dozo Massage has continued on, all the while bringing in more customers. We can only wish that every place was like this. Yet we already have this great place available to us in a convenient location on Soi 33. This parlor is a major draw to that area.

The physical location of Dozo Massage is 9 19-20 Soi 33 Sukhumvit Road, Klongton North, Wattana, Bangkok 10110, Thailand. The shop is open every day from 11:00 to 24:00. The Dozo Massage website is located at The website contains a map and more information including pictures of the women who work at the massage parlor plus other details.

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