Complete Guide to Sex in Bangkok

In this complete adult entertainment guide, we will tell you everything you ever wanted to know about finding hot thai girls for sex in Bangkok.

From getting Thai girlfriends and scoring one-night stands to paying for the fantastic body-to-body happy ending massages, we can fill you in.

Sukhumvit Psycho has been bringing you information about the naughty nightlife in Bangkok for 12 years. So you can trust what we have to say.

For a long time, Sukhumvit Psycho had a paid membership section and sold books about erotic massage in Bangkok quite successfully. Now we offer all this up to you totally free of charge. Please enjoy!

The information in this guide is broken down as follows:

Bangkok is a big city, but it easy to get around. As a foreigner, you usually want to stay in a pretty compact area anyway. Sukhumvit Road is the main street that stretches through Bangkok. It is home to most of the stuff you want to see. That’s where the Sukhumvit Psycho name comes from!

sukhumvit asok intersection

There are other parts of the city that are interesting too. Patpong is one such area. But you can easily get there by riding the BTS sky train from Siam Station to Sala Daeng. The BTS is good for moving up and down Sukhumvit Road. It is air-conditioned and cheap. But it does get very crowded. The underground MRT can get you to Soi Ratchadapisek.

Taxis and the Uber-like Grab app are the most convenient and comfortable. Taxi rides are quite inexpensive, but you have to make sure the driver will use the meter before you get in the care. Grab drivers always follow the pricing on the app, but sometimes it’s hard to book a car. Tuk tuk are noisy motorbikes with trailers you sit in. They are only for tourists who want a thrill. They’re expensive and simply not a good way to get around Bangkok. “Moto sai” are small motorbikes driven like taxis. They can get around traffic, but they aren’t exactly the safest mode of transportation, especially on Thailand’s deadly roads.

Bangkok Guest Friendly Hotels

The most important thing is to set up a proper home base when you are in Bangkok. For most people visiting on holiday, that means getting a room in a guest friendly hotel. “Guest friendly” means that the hotel will allow you to bring women into your room. Some hotels will not let you bring guests inside. Or they will charge a “joiner fee” of as much as 500 Baht per person. So you have to be careful.

We have reviewed many guest friendly hotels in Bangkok over the years. So if you see the hotel on this site and it says guest friendly, you can bet on it. Some hotels are of course better than others. But if you get in a decent girl friendly hotel along Sukhumvit Road, you’ll usually be in good shape. Here’s a list of our favorite guest friendly hotels in Bangkok, with dollar signs to indicate how expensive they are in comparison:

If you don’t plan on bringing any ladies back to your room, you don’t necessarily have to worry about where you stay. You could stay in a hostel or a cheap hotel that doesn’t allow guests. That wouldn’t really put you out of action at all. There are short time sex hotels near all the go go bars. And the countless massage parlors in Bangkok all of course have their own rooms.

If you plan on staying longer or want to have success dating regular Thai women, you will be better off getting an apartment. You can book an apartment or condo for as little as a few days if you use Air BnB. The apartments are furnished and lived in too, so it looks like you have been in town for a while. That helps as a lot of regular Thai women just aren’t interested in guys on vacation. They’ve seen millions come and go, so they know it’s a fleeting thing. You’ll have better luck if you look settled in.

Dating in Bangkok

There are 8 million people in Bangkok and 14 million in the immediate surrounding area. Half of those people are women, and a lot of them are unmarried. Even if we take out the tens of thousands in the sex industry, we are left with millions of available ladies. So there are a lot of options for dating in Bangkok!

What makes it all so much better is the abundance of beautiful Thai women in Bangkok. You won’t find a major city anywhere in the world with so many sexy and attractive ladies walking around. Unlike some so-called fashion capitals like Tokyo, London and New York, you won’t see many stuck up girls here. Thai people are famously down to earth. That is what helps make dating Thai girls so easy.

beautiful thai girl

On the one hand, we could say that dating in Bangkok is not what it used to be. And that is certainly true. So it is a lot harder for guys to have success than it was even a few years ago. But on the other hand, we can say with all confidence that Bangkok is one of the easiest places to date women and have sex in the world. The fact that so much pay for play is available in the city might help with that. Ladies are more likely to give it up if they know you can get it elsewhere quite easy. Plus, there are actually a lot of good girls in Bangkok too. And they make good girlfriends or even wives!

Unless you connect with a “hi-so” rich girl, you can go pretty cheap on dates with most Thai women. The vast majority of Thai ladies are happy just to join you for a coffee, a walk around one of the many malls in Bangkok, or even a quick meal at a 50 Baht noodle stall on the street. In fact, a lot of Thai girls are quite humble and will prefer street food to a meal in a fancy restaurant. That’s one of the great things about this city.

Meeting Women in Bangkok

Meeting Thai women in person is quite easy in Bangkok. But you probably will need to speak at least a little Thai. Learning Thai isn’t so tough, but it is not something most tourists engage in. Even a lot of expats manage to live in Thailand for years without learning the language. If you’re stuck with English, you can still chat up women working in the malls and cafes and restaurants with lots of farang customers. They are most likely to speak at least some of your language. The most important thing here is to have the Line app installed on your phone. Pretty much everyone in Thailand uses Line to chat and call one another. You should too.

If you’re the kind of guy who likes to go out for a night on the town and chat up the chicks, you will want to visit either Khao San Road or some of the big Bangkok nightclubs. Khao San road is the famous backpacker strip in Bangkok. You will see a lot of western people with dread locks and elephant pants there. You can also find cheap drinks and street food. Some Thai girls who like foreigners congregate in the bars around there at night. They can be some of the friendliest and easiest to meet civilians in the city. But they might not be the hottest.

The beautiful set are more likely to visit the big Bangkok clubs to listen to thumping music. You can’t talk as much in the clubs, but they are also good places to pick up Thai chicks. The main clubs are Onyx (RCA), LEVELS, Insanity and Beam. There are many other popular Thai clubs in Bangkok too. But you’re unlikely to encounter many people in them who can speak English. So stick to the main hot spots.

Bangkok Dating Sites and Apps

In this day and age, online dating is now the easiest way to meet women in Bangkok. At this point, it is almost expected. Thais are a friendly bunch and it’s easy to strike up a conversation wherever you are in the city. But you’ll never be able to talk to as many women in a day as you can in an hour on an online dating site.

Early on people started realizing the power of online dating in Thailand. People were hooking up online in Bangkok long before it became common in some western cities. There are actually two websites set up specifically for dating Thai women. Since Bangkok is by far the biggest city in the country, most of the ladies on these sites are based in the capital. Another advantage of online dating is that it allows you and the ladies to use Google translate to make communication easier.

Thai friendly girls in Bangkok

The big dating sites set up for Thailand is Thai Friendly. You can do very well with this site if you try. You can actually use Thai Friendly totally free of charge, but you might find some limits on your account like the frequency of messaging. For a few hundred Baht, you can sign up for memberships that remove all the limits and let you narrow down your searches for things like women without babies. It’s definitely worth the price.

There are some totally free dating sites that can work in Bangkok too. But they are never as effective as the two sites we named above. So even though you won’t pay anything you will put in more time and will most likely not be as successful. Some free dating sites and apps that can work in Bangkok are Date in Asia, OK Cupid, and of course Tinder.

Bangkok Go Go Bars

Next we turn to paid sex a/k/a prostitution, which is arguably what Thailand is most famous for. Even for those of us who like the land of smiles and all it has to offer, the easy availability of sex with thousands of women is a major draw. It doesn’t hurt to admit that. This is simply a fact of life!

Go go bars or “a-go-gos” are probably the most well known and visible kinds of sex shops in Bangkok. They are basically like strip clubs except that guys don’t pay the women just to dance. Instead they watch the dancing more or less for free. They only spend money if they want to buy a lady drink for a dancer so they can get close to them and talk. And if both parties agree, they can also go out of the bar for sex for an agreed upon rate. The bar makes money from the drinks and bar fines. Bar fines are payments made to the bar that allow a dancer to leave early and go out with a guy.

bangkok go go babes

How much is it? Drinks in Bangkok go go bars cost between 80 and 180 Baht. The usual price is around 130-150 though. Lady drinks cost more, because some of the money goes directly to the ladies. A regular lady drink costs around 180 Baht in most places. Double drinks and tequila shots cost more, so of course a lot of dancers try to get those instead. Bar fines in Bangkok go go bars are between 600 and 1000 Baht. The bar fine goes to the bar. You have to pay the dancer directly for whatever else you do outside. Usually they want 1000-2000 Baht for short time, which basically means an hour or two of sex. Some dancers will do “long time” overnights too, but they want more for that. It’s all negotiable though. This is Thailand!

There are three main concentrations of go go bars in Bangkok. The first is in a little street called Soi Cowboy that connects Asoke Road to Sukhumvit Soi 23. The other big agogo center is Nana Entertainment Plaza on Soi 4. That place is so famous locals actually call the street “Soi Nana” quite often. Finally, there are the bars in Patpong 1 and Patpong 2 in the Silom area.

There are just a few go go bars located outside of these two red light districts. One is the famous Magic Table where women dance on a mirrored stage without any underwear. Another is the popular Crazy House just around the corner from Soi Cowboy where the women dance completely nude.

Soi Cowboy

Soi Cowboy is the second biggest go go bar area in Bangkok. But it is probably the most famous. That is due to the immense popularity of the film The Hangover 2. The go go bar scenes from that movie were filmed on the Soi Cowboy strip, so that helped get the word out. There are even Hangover tours in Bangkok that will take you to see where the filming took place!

Soi Cowboy is a small street between Asok Road and Soi 23. The closest BTS stop is Asoke. The closest MRT stop is Sukhumvit. Every taxi, tuk tuk and moto sai in town knows the place too, so getting there is no challenge.

The 150 meter long Soi Cowboy strip is home to about 40 bars. There are also plenty of restaurants, street food carts, elephants and more there. But this is a guide to sex in Bangkok, so we are going to tell you about the go go bars on Soi Cowboy.

On the north side of Soi Cowboy you have:

The go go bars on the other side of Soi Cowboy are:

Baccara is a very popular bar with stuck up dancers who make a lot of money. It attracts a lot of Japanese guys. You can see topless sexy women inside with fake tits, but don’t expect to get a lot of attention from either the dancers or the staff.

Kazy Kozy and Suzie Wong have fully nude dancers. You might see some tits in some other bars, but most are bikini only these days. Things change almost every day, but for a while now Lighthouse has had some of the most beautiful and sexy dancers on Soi Cowboy.

Fanny’s, Moonshine Joint and Toy Bar are what we call “specialty bars.” In these small go go bars you can get a handjob from either a dancer or an older lady at the bar. They will do their best to cover you up, but it’s still pretty much out in the open. At the much larger Afterskool you can actually get a blowjob over in the “naughty boy corner” but it costs 1000 Baht and they try to get you to buy expensive tequila shots.

soi cowboy

Some of the bars on Soi Cowboy employ coyote dancers from talent agencies. These can be the prettiest girls in a bar, but they usually wear shorts over bikinis over stockings and maybe even another pair of panties! Sometimes they wear two bras too, plus pads. The big issue though is that drinks for coyote girls can cost more than normal lady drinks. On top of that, many coyote dancers won’t even barfine!

Warning: Midnight, Sahara, Spice Girls and Deja Vu are known as “the Arab bars”. They are all owned by the same person (“the Arab”) and they have a reputation for padding bills. They still have dancers and the women do bar fines. But the stories of scams backed up by bulky bouncers makes some people stay away.

There are also three ladyboy bars in Soi Cowboy. They are Shadow, Cockatoo and The Peep. We will cover these ladyboy bars later on in the ladyboy section of this guide. So if you are not into Thai chicks with dicks, you don’t have to worry. For years Cockatoo was the only ladyboy bar in Soi Cowboy, but that changed. Nana Plaza is still the home of the most ladyboy agogos however.

Nana Plaza

Nana Entertainment Plaza (NEP) on Sukhumvit Soi 4 is a building with a courtyard that is filled with go go bars. There are a couple of regular bars and places to get food too, but everyone goes there for the agogos. Some even call the place “the three floors of whores.”

Nana Plaza started as a regular shopping center many years ago. Then go go bars started moving in. Soon the whole place was based around them. Next came the ladyboy bars. The NEP has a lot of those too. It’s all popular, so the plaza stays filled with people.

These days there is a roof over the courtyard to keep out the weather. You go through a metal detector manned by police to enter the plaza. Then you’re free to move through the floors with the help of stairs, escalators and more recently elevators.

The go go bars on the ground floor of Nana Plaza are:

On the second floor of the NEP you can find these agogos:

Finally there is the top floor at Nana Plaza. There you have:

Erotica is actually over in its own little corner. So if you want to go there, you have to use the staircase in the front left corner. It is worth a visit. Erotic usually has some of the better bodies in the plaza, and a good number of the dancers drop their tops and jump around with their tits out. They are a generally friendly bunch too, right down to the mamasan and waitresses. It’s an absolute no pressure place.

Butterflies and Billboard are considered to be two of the best go go bars in Bangkok by a lot of people. We don’t disagree. They are filled with fit dancers, and both have shower shows with fully nude dancers. These bars are run well!

Angel Witch is a rock bar for those who are into that. They have some hot dancers too. Meanwhile, at Spanky’s the theme is spanking. The dancers have foam sticks that they whack each other and the customers with. Don’t worry, it doesn’t hurt. They have girls showering in the corner too, which is nice.

Nana Plaza bars

Mandarin gets some of the best look dancers in Nana Plaza. The Rainbow bars are all popular with Japanese guys. So if you’re not Asian you sometimes struggle to get attention inside. But places like Rainbow 4 are absolutely filled with women, including a lot of fully nude Thai girls with huge fake tits and blond hair.

There is a short time hotel right in Nana Plaza. That’s where the dancers like to go for their short time services too. You pay 500 Baht for the room, or a little more if you need a condom. They keep the place pretty clean. Each room has a bed, shower and mirrors on the walls or ceiling.

As stated several times above, there are a lot of ladyboy bars in Nana Plaza. The number seems to grow every day. If you’re not into ladyboys just keep moving right past these bars. If you’re firm they usually wont bother you. But some might break into outrageous modeling poses to try to tempt you inside.

The ladyboy bars in Nana Plaza are:

  • Obsession (Ground Floor)
  • London Calling (Ground Floor)
  • Casanova (Second Floor)
  • DC-10 (Second Floor)
  • Temptations (Second Floor)
  • Mercury (Second Floor)
  • Straps (Second Floor)

Warning: Straps is a post-op ladyboy bar. No one inside will tell you that however. If you bring up the subject, they can even get angry about it. But the fact is that the dancers at Straps were born with penises that they later had chopped off and turned into man-made pussies. If you are okay with that, no problem. But you probably would like to know before you decide to sink nuts deep into one.


The go go bars in Patpong are spread along two connected streets called Patpong Soi 1 and Patpong Soi 2. They are right next to Sala Daeng Station on the BTS. Every taxi and grab driver knows the area. You can say Silom, Patpong, or Patpong Soi 1 and they will know where to take you. When you leave, beware of the taxis that park at the end of Patpong. They won’t use their meters and they charge a ton of money for even the shortest trips. They want to prey on ignorant tourists. Don’t let them. Stop a taxi that is driving by on the street or call a car with the Grab app.

You also want to avoid places like Super Pussy any street promoters who approach you offering to take you to a live sex or ping pong show. Many years ago this was a normal thing in some Patpong bars. Now it is pretty much just a scam. Once you get inside they give a drink. Then when you try to leave they hit you with some huge bill and say it is for the show. Big security guards are there to make you pay. It is much easier just to avoid this entirely. Say no thank you and keep walking!

The go go bars on Patpong Soi 1 are:

Over on Patpong Soi 2, you can find these agogos:

Triple XXX Lounge might offer you the best shot at seeing some very sexy girls in a serious state of undress. Bada Bing and the Pink Panther sometimes have some really pretty women working too. The Strip used to be one of the best go go bars in Bangkok because it had private booths with curtains where you could take a dancer for a “lapdance”, which usually meant a blowjob or sex. But that went away and the place changed owners. So now it’s just an average agogo. Honestly, none of the go go bars in Patpong really stand out these days. But they are still worth a look, especially if you are in the area.

There are a few ladyboy bars in Patpong. Sixty Nine, Tavern Two, and King’s Corner 2 can all be found on Patpong Soi 2. We will talk more about the ladyboy bars in Bangkok as a whole at the end of this guide.


Patpong is known for all its Japanese shops too. Along with countless Japanese restaurants and bars there are also some karaoke clubs for guys from the land of the rising sun. There are a lot of gay bars in Patpong too, but we won’t talk about that until the end of this report. We don’t want to ruffle any straight feathers.

If you are interested in the history of sex in Bangkok, and you want to know how the go go bars came to be in the first place, you can check out the Patpong Museum. They have documented it all very well. They even built a replica of the first Patpong go go bar inside the place for you to see!

Beer Bars in Bangkok

Beer bars are open air bars with women who entertain but don’t dance or get naked. They are a lot more common in Pattaya and Chiang Mai. But Bangkok does have a few. The number seems to dwindle every year, but there will probably always be at least some beer bars around.

At beer bars you can sit around and drink with the women in the bar. They have lady drinks just like go go bars. But the prices are usually a lot cheaper. They have bar fines too, but they’re usually between 300 and 500 Baht. Whatever you pay the ladies for sex on top of that is up to you and them.

Beer bars always come in groups. In Bangkok you can find them on Soi 4 around Nana Plaza, on Soi 22 near the corner with Sukhumvit Road, and in a huge concentration inside the Queen’s Plaza on Soi 22 across from the Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park Hotel.

Bangkok Escorts

Calling up escorts have always been one of the easiest and safest ways to find prostitutes anywhere in the world. That is no different in Bangkok. There are a lot of independent escorts in the city that advertise everywhere from the Best Escort Sites to the services sections of Bangkok Craigslist and Bangkok Locanto.

There are also numerous escort agencies in Bangkok. Some are more legit than others. A handful of escort agencies have been around for a long time. So they have developed a good reputation. That doesn’t mean they are perfect, but there is enough feedback around to know that they are legit.

Popular escort agencies in Bangkok include:

Escorts can be a little more expensive than other paid sex options in Bangkok. But that is not always the case. You can always look around and compare prices. But if you’re thinking about the go go bars, don’t forget that you have to pay for your drinks, lady drinks, a bar fine, the lady’s time and maybe even a short time hotel. It’s not necessarily cheap. Of course you can meet the ladies in the go go bars first. With an escort you just have to hope the right chick shows up at your door. Most escort agencies charge a transportation fee, so you do have to pay something even if you don’t bring the chick into your room.

A few years ago a new online service opened up that eliminated a lot of the problems involved with booking escorts. And it started right here in Bangkok! Smooci is an online platform that allows escorts and their customers to find each other. What makes it special is that guys can read real reviews from other punters who have gone first. Smooci can also verify that pictures and ages are real. Finally, you can track the progress of escorts you book as they make their way to your room. So no more suprises! Lots of escorts are on Smooci in Bangkok. You can find agency girls and indepedents.

Blowjob Bars in Bangkok

Blowjob bars are a great feature of the nightlife in Bangkok. You can guess what a blowjob bar is just by looking at the name. These are bars you can walk into to get a blowjob! Usually the actual bars in these places don’t get much use. But the blowjob providers stay pretty busy through the day and night.

Lolita's blowjob bar in Bangkok

There are a lot of blowjob bars in Bangkok. They are all similar in the way they operate. When you walk in you choose a lady. Then you ask her to go into a private area. When you get there you take off your clothes. She then washes your dick and balls in a sink or shower. Then you kick back and let her suck you off. After you cum in her mouth she washes you off again. Then you go back to the front to pay your check. It’s that easy!

Here’s a list of all the BJ bars in Bangkok, with locations and the price of oral sex:

Other blowjob bars in Bangkok have cum and gone, if you’ll excuse the pun. So Mike’s Place, The Lollipop 1, The Lollipop 2, Tokyo Jogakuen, Star of Light, and Kangaroo Club are no more. Still, as you can see above, there are plenty of places to get sucked off at a good rate. In most of these clubs you can also get full service for a few hundred more Baht, depending on the lady. Don’t forget that you can take two or more ladies into a room too if you want. That’s always fun.

Linda Place and Rose Bar are a bit special in that they still follow the old format. So you can get your service right out in the open at the bar if you want. At Rose Bar you might not even have any choice in the matter. But at least at Linda Place you can go into the bathroom for your blowjob if you are a shy guy. Star of Light offered both options before it closed.

7Heaven is a Japanese style blowjob bar on Sukhumvit Soi 33. It has probably the prettiest girls of any BJ bar in Bangkok. These hands free bars aren’t really known for having beautiful women. But they break the mold at 7Heaven. Of course the price is higher too. Madame Claude follows a similar program. But they also offer extras like a chocolate covered blowjob for those who want to mix food with pleasure.

Bangkok’s Brothels and Sex Clubs

Surprisingly, Bangkok doesn’t have very many brothels. There are some small dingy places for factory and construction workers from the city, but those aren’t going to be high priority for any tourist. On the other hand, there actually is one western style sex club that might as well be described as a brothel.

Club Eden on Soi 7/1 was set up by a French man several years ago. It is like a European bordello. When you walk in the boss calls all the ladies to line up. There is a big yellow line on the floor. Ladies on one side do anal sex. Ladies on the other side don’t.

The Eden Club

You have to take at least two ladies at Eden. The usual idea is to pick one and let her choose a friend. Then you pay 3900 Baht for 90 minutes and go up to a specially designed sex room. These rooms have full walk in showers and big beds with rubber sheets and stuff like sex swings. The women come packed and ready with condoms, lube and dildos. The walls and ceiling are all mirrored for your pleasure. And they even play porn on a TV in the corner!

Eden ladies are known to be open to all sorts of stuff. Guys can get anything from double blowjobs to lesbian shows, anal, rimming and even golden showers at Eden. Usually, all they have to do is ask. The place even offers a money back guarante.

Eden welcomes couples and single women. So it is a popular place with swingers who want to go local and aren’t afraid to spend money. Real swinger parties are uncommon in Bangkok, and they can causes problems with local law enforcement. Pay for play is on the other hand, A okay!

Erotic Massage Parlors in Bangkok

Finally we have reached maybe the most notable thing in Thailand: the massage. Thai massage goes back a long time and is actually a respected legitimate art. So many erotic massage parlors aren’t allowed to use the term Thai massage anymore. But they can still give you a happy ending massage that finishes in anything from a handjob to a blowjob to an internal anal orgasm.

There are lots of erotic massage parlors in Bangkok. We could never hope to list them all. But we can tell you about the different kinds of sensual massage in Bangkok, and name the most well known places. Keep in mind too that a lot of women working in mainstream Thai massage parlors will offer you a handjob happy ending in private, even if your wife is in the next room over gettin a foot rub. Bangkok is wonderful!

Oily massage parlors

Oily massage is the go to traditional style erotic massage in Thailand. The idea is that you get naked and the lady rubs your body with oil. In reality a lot of the oilies just skip over the actual massage and get right down to the sexual services. Some places are more hardcore than others. There is a lot of variation.

Thai milf masseuse

Even though there are hundreds of shops and thousands of women in Bangkok doing erotic massages of all kinds, the prices are surprisingly uniform.

Pricing schemes can vary, but you can basically expect to pay between 1900 and 2300 Baht for an hour of oily massage that includes at least a blowjob and sex with a condom.

Anal service is often included at the more adventurous places, but at some shops backdoor entry costs an extra 500 Baht.

There’s no way we could list every single oily massage parlor in Bangkok, even though we would love to. But this extensive list of Bangkok oilies should suffice:

Cherry Massage, Bamboo Massage and Snow White are famous for offering the porn star experience. These places have ladies who do hardcore stuff like anal, deep throating and more. Multiple pops are normal, which means you’re allowed to cum as much as you can during your time period. You might not see the prettiest women in Bangkok in any of these shops. But you won’t find a more thorough romp anywhere else!

Bangkok soap massage

Daisy Dream is what we might call a luxury massage parlor. It is a really beautiful place run by people who actually care about their business and their customers. They also have over fifty women working, and they’ve picked some really pretty ladies.

There are also places not on this list, like Akane Massage and Kocho Ran on Soi 33 that might be what we call specialist massage parlors. They offer things like full-body scrubs and massages. For a happy ending, they do things like hand jobs or blowjobs with a condom. They offer prostate massage, too. But they don’t do full sex, meaning vaginal intercourse.

Soapy Massage Parlors

Soapy massage parlors are the kind of the erotic massage industry. These are big buildings with dozens of numbered women sitting in fishbowls waiting to be picked. Asian guys love soapy massage parlors. Rich Thai guys always visit them, sometimes even in place of a business lunch. The biggest concentration of soapy massage parlors can be found in Huay Kwang area around Soi Ratchadapisek.

soapy massage in bangkok

At a soapy massage the lady will get in the bath tub with you and wash your body. She’ll shampoo your hair too, if she’s any good. Then she’ll dry you off and take you over to the bed where you can have sex with a condom. Some will blow you, but others will not.

A couple of soapies are pretty basic places. But others are elaborate as five star hotels, and have genuine Thai models working. At those parlors you might have to make an appointment weeks in advance and pay tens of thousands of Baht! We won’t spend much time talking about those high society shops. But we can give you a list of soapy massage parlors in Bangkok that are open to all:

Soapy massage in Bangkok isn’t cheap. But it can compare to a good night out in a go go bar. Plus the soapies are open during the day. The prices at soapies range from 2200 to 10000 Baht or more. It all depends on the place and the lady you choose. A positive is that you can just walk out of any soapy massage if you don’t see any ladies you like. No one will get upset or offended. You have every right to go if you’re not interested.

Be forewarned that some soapy massages will attach a “farang tax” to the bill if you are not Thai or East Asian. We don’t like this policy at all, but it is a fact of life in Bangkok. Some western people won’t visit soapy massage parlors because of this dual pricing. Others accept it and enjoy the services. You have to decide for yourself.

A number of soapy massage parlors have been closed in recent years. We don’t want to speculate on the reasons. Let’s just say that in the land of smiles, things are not always as they appear. Anyway, there are still plenty of soapy massage parlors around to enjoy.

Nuru Massage Parlors

Nuru massage is a kind of body to body massage from Japan. You take off all your clothes and lay down on a big gray air matress. Then a naked masseuse covers you with a slippery clear nuru gel made from seaweed and slides all over your body. When done right, ever part of her body comes in contact with every part of yours. This feels really great, which is why it quickly spread all over the world.

Lots of places offer nuru massage in Bangkok. Only a few are what we would call dedicated nuru massage parlors. They are:

Chrome Bar used to be called Dr BJ’s Nuru. The women who work there change between that shop and the Wood Bar BJ bar listed above. The place is based around nuru massage, but to be totally honest the ladies just aren’t that skilled or enthusiastic about doing it.

nuru massage gel

On the other hand, Doki Doki, Dozo, Mitu and Ola Ola Massage all have fully trained women who are experts at Japanese style nuru massage. They charge more, but you get what you pay for. If you want to experience a real nuru body massage in Bangkok, these are the places to go to.

All authentic nuru massages in Bangkok should come with a blowjob and full service sex with a condom. In most cases you will also get your toes, nipples and anus licked (rimming). Multiple positions on the mat or over on the dry bed area are usual too. So your 2300-3000 Baht is money well spent.


Freelancers are women who sell sex at least part of the time and on their own accord. You can find them all over Bangkok. There are freelancers in the big nightclubs mentioned above. Some guys don’t realize that they are even hookers until they get back to the hotel! You can also find freelancers at the famous Thermae Cafe on Sukhumvit Road every night of the week. If you want to have sex with one, start negotiating. Usually prices range from 1000 Baht on up to whatever the biggest sucker in Bangkok is willing to pay.

Street walkers are freelancers too. They stand on the streets and wait for guys to pick up. Street walkers can be some of the cheapest prostitutes in Bangkok. And unlike some other cities in the world, the street prostitutes in Bangkok aren’t always bad either!

Typical spots to see street prostitutes in Bangkok include the north side of Sukhumvit Road between Soi 3 and Soi 7/1. At night you can find them even more spread out on lower Sukhumvit Road. African hookers start showing up around sundown too.

Thai street workers

At night you will see a lot of freelancers on Soi 4 in front of and around Nana Plaza too. The biggest concentration of hookers stand right at the big sign at street level in front of the Nana Hotel. Some of those ladies will fuck or suck guys for as little as 500 Baht, depending on the situation!

Beware of the ladyboys who stand on the corner of Soi 4 and Sukhumvit Road. The area is cramped and crowded. And those ladyboys have a reputation for pickpocketing drunks and unaware guys who walk around at night.

These days, most freelance prostitutes can actually be found online. There are a lot of freelancers and part-timers on Thai Friendly. They make themselves known quickly. Some freelancers even troll Tinder. If you start looking on the internet, you will find more freelancers than you could do in a lifetime.

BDSM Clubs

BDSM stands for bondage, discipline, sadomasochism. We’re talking about stuff like getting tied up and spanked here. That is available in Bangkok, but it is not like what you might see at home.

You have to wear black to enter the BDSM clubs in Bangkok. If you don’t, they’ll give you a black shirt to wear. You also have to pay an admission fee of several hundred Baht. But that does include a drink and a very short show between a master and a couple of her submissives.

There are just two BDSM clubs in Bangkok. They are:

These BDSM bars have their own staff. So they are a lot like the go go bars or massage parlors. These are not places where you show up with your own lady and start playing. You’re pretty much expected to engage in the bar girls while you’re there. You can get dragged around on a dog leash if you’re a sub, or get blown at the bar by a sub on a leash. The choice is yours!

Don’t expect any real hardcore BDSM like brutal caning or anything though. It’s all pretty playful in keeping with the general mindset of most Thais. Some of the staff might not even what you are talking about if you are a veteran or specialist in this field. But they are all eager to please, especially if you shell out for the expensive lady drinks and tip liberally!


Transgenders are breaking onto the scene in a serious way all over the world. But here in Thailand, the third gender has been a part of society for a long time. On a normal day in Bangkok you can expect to see Thai ladyboys multiple times. If you are into women with a little something extra, you can also hook up with ladyboys very easily while you’re in the land of smiles.

Dating ladyboys is like dating women, but maybe a little easier. Thai Friendly is filled with Thai ladyboys, and you can actually specifically search them out if you want to find some. Then ask them to go on a date or come straight to your room. Ladyboys are more ambitious and adventurous when it comes to sex!

ladyboy gogo bangkok

If you’re willing to go the pay-for-play route, a new world will open up. Bangkok is filled with ladyboy go go bars, beer bars, and even a ladyboy massage parlor. The massage parlor is called Montra. It is right between Soi 5 and Soi 7. You can’t miss it, as they always have a couple of amazons in mini skirts and high heels grabbing guys’ hands out front. The massage is 400 Baht. Sex is an extra 1000.

Here’s a list of ladyboy go go bars in Bangkok, with locations:

Then there are the ladyboy beer bars. They include:

Straps is a post-op bar. All the ladyboys have had sex change operations there. And in fact they won’t even admit they were born with penises. Now you know. In the rest of the bars you will find a mix of pre-op and post-op ladyboys. But most have kept their cocks, even if they don’t get hard in some cases. Just ask if you’re curious. Tops fuck ass. Bottoms get their asses fucked. Vers ladyboys do both. Sometimes they use Thai-English words. “Have power” means they can get hard and fuck. “I same lady” usually means they cut off their cocks.

ladyboy bar in Bangkok

The ladyboys in these places are mostly a fun set. You can lay back and relax with a drink or find a mate in minutes. A lot of the bars have rooms right upstairs for short time. If not, there are always short time hotels nearby in Bangkok. You might even be able to do the deed right in the bar in a couple of cases. There’s only one way to find out!

Don’t forget about the street prostitutes and especially the dating sites too. Thai Friendly is a great place to find Thai Ladyboys. But there is also a dedicated dating site called Ladyboy Kisses that works very well. Sadly, we don’t know of any ladyboy-centered dating app that really works. But there are plenty of transgender Thais on Tinder.

Gay Bars and Gay Massage

We saved this part for last. There is actually a lot of action for guys and girls who are into money boys in Bangkok. We can’t claim to be experts on that scene, though, as we at Sukhumvit Psycho are straight guys. If you are into playing with men, more power to you. We can tell you what we know!

Most of the gay bars in Bangkok are located in the Silom Patpong Area. Plenty of bars on Patpong 1 and Patpong 2 are filled with Thai men who are at the very least, heteroflexible. They usually prance around in their tighty whities, but at some places they do things like lift weights or fuck ladyboys on stage!

gay bar area in bangkok

A few things surprise us about the gay bay scene in Bangkok. One is that the guys seem to charge more than most female and ladyboy hookers do in the city. We are not sure why. Another thing is that the bars seem to be pretty tame. Despite the occasional sex show, the guys don’t swing their meat around or let guys in the crowd blow them regularly. We thought they would get into it a lot more and really let their hair down.

There don’t seem to be many gay freelancers on the streets in Bangkok. It may be a privacy thing. But there are lots of money boys on the apps and dating websites. You can find pay-for-play gay guys on Thai Friendly as well as some more specific apps like Grindr. It’s not hard, even if you are!

Planning for a Sex Trip to Bangkok

Now that you’ve read through this exhaustive guide to sex and women in Bangkok, you might want to plan a trip. We can’t tell you what to do, but we do suggest booking a guest friendly hotel online before you get here. Either that, or find a room on Air BnB for a longer stay like we suggested earlier.

Second, book your tickets as early as you can. Flights get more expensive the closure you get to the date of departure. We like using Google flights to compare and contrast airplane ticket rates. We recommend flying with a nice airline if you can. It’s a long flight (or two) to Thailand from most other places on earth!

Next, you might want to get some travelers insurance if you are not covered. You never know what might happen while you’re here or even on the way. There are plenty of good doctors and hospitals in Bangkok, but of course, they aren’t free. Flights also get canceled, and stuff happens sometimes. It is nice to have some backup in case of an emergency.

If you plan on meeting regular Thai women for dates or sex, or if you think you might be interested in meeting some freelancers or ladyboys in Bangkok, we highly suggest you sign up for Thai Friendly. Even chatting with Thai women online gives you an idea of what they are like, so you won’t get culture shock when you show up. This can also help you learn some Thai words and phrases before you get here. Since it’s free, there’s really nothing to lose.

Finally, we suggest preparing yourself mentally and physically. If you can’t wait until you get here, why not get worked up over some hot Thai women from wherever you are now? Chatting with Thai chicks is one thing. But talking to them while they work themselves over in the nude is even better. You can find Thai chicks on Chaturbate pretty easily. There are a lot of ladyboys there, too if you’re curious to check them out before you leap meeting one. It’s free to watch their sex shows. You only pay if you want to make suggestions on what they do next. Barring that, you can check out some Thai porn to see what Thai women look like from every angle. And how they work it in the bedroom! Do that last bit first, as a lot of adult sites are censored in Thailand.


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