Analisa Massage on Soi 6

Analisa Massage is a massage parlor on Sukhumvit Soi 6 that now goes by the name Tantra II. At least that’s what the sign says, but everyone still seems to call the place Analisa Massage, Analisa Nana, or Analisa Soi 6. Famous massage parlors in Bangkok often go through these sort of names changes. Remember when Dr BJ’s Nuru turned into Chrome Bar a few years ago?

Analisa Soi 6 is just a short walk from the Kasalong blowjob bar. These are about the only two things that would interest a horny guy on Soi 6. It isn’t a hotspot of naughty nightlife. But It is located between Soi 4 and Soi 8 which each have plenty of sex shops. So it’s convenient and not out of the way by any means.

Tantra massage at Analisa

Authentic tantric massage is a sort of spiritualistic thing that involves sights, scents and sounds. In Thailand, tantra massage is usually used to describe stuff like tease and denial or slower erotic massages. There may be some candles around, but there won’t by any breathe exercises or chanting of mantras. Not unless you count the sounds that guys let out when they unload.

Analisa Massage on Soi 6 is much like the other Analisa in Asoke. The shop offers a raft of erotic massage options for adventurous men (and women!). Options at Analisa include tantric massage, hand jobs, blow jobs, testicle massage, full service (regular sex), body to body massage, prostate massage, strap on massage, massage by feet, couple prostate massage, couple tantric massage, foot fetish sessions, tease and denial, four hand massage, BDSM, fisting, toy play, and more!

Thai massage girl at Analisa

There are a lot of massage parlors in Bangkok. Nowadays many of them are starting to get into the fetish massage market and putting everything from nuru massage to kinky stuff on their menus. But Analisa has been around for a long time. The reason it has multiple branches is that it is successful. So they should know what they’re doing.

Tantra II is probably most famous for its milking table. This is kind of like a lay down glory hole. Basically it’s a massage table with a round hole where your dick goes. So when you lay down on the table face down a massage lady can go under you and work your hot dog and nuts. Meanwhile, if you opted for a four-hands massage, another masseuse can keep rubbing you down from above. It’s a really unique experience.

Ladies, prices and summary

There are about ten ladies working at Analisa Soi 6. I wouldn’t say any of them are super hot. They’re about average. In any case you can look at the pictures on the Analisa Nana website. They are real photographs, but with a bit of editing. The youngest masseuse at Analisa Soi 6 might be twenty two and the oldest is probably in her forties. The older ladies work well in tandem with the younger girls. So that’s a nice mix.

Full service massage with blowjob and sex at Tantra II is 2300 Baht for 1 hour. The famous four hand massage with glory hole table is 3500 Baht for an hour, or 3800 Baht for 90 minutes. I guess guys who can pop twice rather quickly would get some value out of the longer session.

There’s no long and drawn out menu at Analisa Nana. I think this is a good thing as it eliminates a lot of confusion. But all kinds of kinky fetish services are available as listed above. You just have to request them. The language barrier isn’t too big though it can get in the way. Some of it has to do with the need to be rather specific about these kinds of delicate matters.

One cool thing about Analisa on Soi 6 is that they are basically open 24 hours. The shop closes at midnight every day. But they do outcall. So you can contact them pretty much any time and they usually have some ladies ready to visit customers in their rooms. That’s quite a service. It should be pretty popular.

Analisa Massage is open every day from 10 AM to 12 AM. The phone number is 099-338-8380. Their website is The location of the massage parlor is pinpointed on the map above.


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