Overview of Duangporn Haven at Asok-Sukhumvit Intersection

Duangporn Haven is the newest blowjob bar in Bangkok. Actually, it is just a rehash of a blowjob bar that has been around for many years. So although the place looks brand new, it is really just a relocation and relaunch of another very famous and popular blowjob bar that disappeared almost without notice.

The famous Som’s Haven one street over on Sukhumvit Soi 14 relocated and reopened as Duangporn Haven. Duangporn sounds a little like Thai porn. But the two things are certainly not related, despite the circumstances. Duangporn is just a Thai name.

The Duangporn shop is different from the original, but the well known Som is still the owner of the bar. All of the staff came over from the Som’s Haven location too, but some have since left. It looks like this bar is a lot slower than the old Som’s. That might be why some of the ladies moved on to other bars or work.

Location of Duangporn Haven

Duangporn Haven is located on a the first side soi off of Ratchadapisek Road when coming from the Asok-Sukhumvit intersection. In other words, it’s just a few minutes walk from the big Terminal 21 shopping mall. It’s also just one street over from the old Som’s Haven.

The side soi where Duangporn Haven is located is also home to the guest friendly Citypoint Hotel and the Asok branch of Analisa Massage.

The new location is a lot quieter than the old area. Som’s Haven was located right next to a very popular eatery. A lot of people even complained that they felt bad doing a walk of shame past that open air restaurant before and after getting serviced at Som’s.

At Duangporn Haven there is really nothing to pass. There are other businesses on the side soi, but they aren’t the sort that have lots of people outside in the street. So while the quiet location may not look as good for business, it is definitely better for discretion.

Staff, Services, Prices

There are about twelve women working at Duangporn Haven most times. These are all familiar faces who also worked at the original Som’s over on Sukhumvit Soi 14. We’re talking about women in their late twenties up to maybe age forty. There aren’t many lookers in the group, but they all know how to give head. No new women seem to have joined the staff after the move, but some veterans have gone away.

The word is that all the ladies made the move at first. Then some started to peel off one by one as the customer base was much lower. Apparently little announcement was made of the move from one location to another. So a lot of guys were turning up to a closed Som’s and thinking the bar was gone forever. Instead of going one more street over to the new Duangporn place, they just went to another bar.

Now that time has gone on, word is starting to spread about the Duangporn Haven location opening. So it should be up and hopping again in no time. That will probably bring at least some of the veterans back to the shop. It may also lead to some new women coming by.

The price for a blowjob at Duangporn’s remains the same. It is 800 Baht for oral sex in one of the semi-private rooms upstairs. Those who offer intercourse want 1000 Baht for the deed in a small room. The price goes up for use of a bigger bedroom.

Drinks and lady drinks are available at reasonable prices, but customers don’t have to buy either. Duangporn’s is the kind of place where you can pick a girl at the door and go straight upstairs for service. Payment is made on the way out when the total bill is calculated. Tipping is optional. It’s not required or expected, but some guys still give tips anyway.


The new Duangporn Haven took over a large Asian restaurant. The building is huge and the inside looks almost too big for what it is. A lot of the space remains dark and used. The same seats seem to have been brought over from Som’s. There is also a small bar.

Upstairs they use small private rooms with seats. Beds have also been added for those who like to lay down. The rooms don’t have wash areas though. At Som’s they washed customers up right in the room. At Duangporn’s customers have to get washed in a big public bath looking area. It’s the same process. There is just a little more involved.

Duangporn’s Haven is a lot like Som’s Haven. The place is bigger and more discreet. It also has a more empty feeling inside thanks to the larger building and space. But otherwise, it is basically the same old Som’s Haven in a new location. Anyone who enjoyed Som’s will also enjoy Duangporn Haven.

Duangporn Haven is open every day from 9:30 AM to 1:00 AM. The shop’s phone number is 02-229-4347.

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