Seeking sex with a unicorn?

Those seeking sex with unicorns may have just had their dreams fulfilled. This is an incredible time. Supply chain issues mean that people are prevented from getting basic food staples like chicken eggs in some parts of the world. Yet at the same time you can now order up everything from plush cockroaches to an alien dildo. Such progress we’ve made since the last world war!

You don’t have to be so old to remember a time when sex was kept quite. Now people are much freer with their words and actions in many countries. That’s even true in Thailand which has always had a duel character. For example we’ve always had ladyboys around. And prostitution is as old as money. But not until now was it so common for LGBT people to express themselves even here. The same goes for those with alternative tastes. Can you imagine shopping for a unicorn penis in 1998?

As far as I know, fornicating with horses still remains forboden in nearly all of the earth, probably for very good reasons. But it is still okay for a person to have a ride with a guy who is hung like a horse. Or to have a little self loving with an artificial unicorn cock ordered off of the internet.

What is a unicorn anyway?

Some say the unicorn term has been overused lately. I cannot disagree. The word “unicorn” is often used by couples seeking a female third for a ménage à trois. The idea is that women willing to join a man and woman for sex are very rare. Of course those of us who live here in Thailand and know about place like the Eden Club can tell you otherwise.

a unicorn dildo

Sex toy sellers may have become as rare as horned horses though. It used to be that Sukhumvit was clogged with people from Soi Nana all the way down to Asoke. Vendors with pop up tables pushed everything from souvenirs to sex toys. It was nothing to see a stack of hardcore porno DVDs next to hats with marijuana leaves and shirts saying “BKK.” Then one day it was all over once the clean was cleaned up for good.

You can still find a lot of freelance prostitutes along Sukhumvit. So too with the guys pushing illegal narcotics and the marijuana carts promoting that now legal substance. But if you wanted to buy a double headed dildo for your two new lady friends from Spanky’s that may not be so easy.

Riding a unicorn

Let’s get down to the subject at hand. That is the new and wonderful Unicorn Dildo that allows so many fantasies to become a reality. The multicolored toy looks almost good enough to eat. Though this fantasy based unit is in fact meant to please in other ways. It doesn’t take much imagination to understand that.

This Cosmic Unicorn Dildo is approximately 21 centimeters in length, which would be small for a horse but quite large for a human being. At about 6 cm wide it definitely has more girth than the average man! Still the soft silicone material flexes with use. So that most ladies who are able to take a reasonably sized tool shouldn’t have much issue filling themselves with this cotton candy colored cock.

The flat base of the toy can act as a suction when pressed down on a flat surface. That gives the user a chance to really go wild and bounce around. With the twisty texture of the toy it is sure to bring all sorts of new and exciting sensations. Surely it must feel better than the strange practice of penis pearling so popular with Thai men.

The flat base of this unicorn unit could also be fit into a harness. That would allow for pegging between women or for guys who like be dominated in BDSM fashion. There is a lot that could be done with such a toy. Made with phthalate-free body safe material and sold at a reasonable price, you can be that many will be trying this adult toy in various ways.

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