What is an LBFM?

You may have heard or seen the term “LBFM” somewhere. But do you know what it means? Sure, it is easy to figure out that the acronym LBFM stands for little brown fucking machines. But is that enough?

Where did this LBFM label come from? Who does it apply to? And why does it apply to them? Is it okay to use the term LBFM today? I occasionally see people refer to Thai sex workers as LBFM. But is that actually right?

There are even some ladies who could be called LBFM living and working overseas. I have even seen found some apparent LBFM working as escorts in other countries as seen on Ivy Société for example. So the phenomenon is now worldwide.

The LBFM term originated with American soldiers in the Philippines after World War II. They started referring to the short brown skinned Filinpa prostitutes hanging around their bases as “little brown fucking machines”. This is not to be confused with sexual machines that run on electricity of course. The LBFM in the Philippines run on sisig and chicken adobo.

The Strip Patpong

Now Pattaya in its modern form came to be right around the same time as the term LBFM. US soldiers fighting in Vietnam helped turn the small beach hamlet of Pattaya into a raging party atmosphere filled with prostitutes looking to cash in.

Then you had Patpong in Bangkok which was also turned into sex worker central around the same time. But back then I don’t remember anyone calling Thai ladies LBFMs.

There are at least as many ladies of the night in Thailand as there are in the Philippines. Most of them are brown to one shade or another. Though some may call them yellow. All I can say is that everyone’s nose turns pink when it gets cold enough. And no one likes a brown noser, with the possible exception of some into the scat fetish scene.

There was a pretty good porn site around for years called LBFM but it seems to have gone under a few years ago. Or more precisely it gave up the membership model and instead turned into a sort of blog site that refers people to other active porn sites. Sadly most of the stuff they are linking too is not of the same quality as the old LBFM site which contained taut-bodied Filipina women in the 19 to perhaps 21 age range.

It doesn’t matter much for me. Porn has long been banned in Thailand. Even though you can walk into a go go bar and some fully nude dancers who will probably have sex with you for a few thousand Baht, you are not allowed to watch other people have sex on a screen. This is Thailand and it is what it is.

I do sometimes miss fucking my fist in a steady pump while zoning out on some really good porn. They used to play Creampie Thais videos in the back rooms at Mike’s Place in Patpong so you could get your fill. It was a nice complement with the lady bobbing up and down on your knob like a real fuk machine. Nowadays Mike’s is gone and porn is blocked unless you want to use some well known methods to get around the ban.

At the end of it all we are left here in the present. Some people still use the term LBFM or little brown fucking machine though it increasingly seems outdated. Not only because of the new political atmosphere. But also because so many prostitutes are now even bigger than some us! Plus they may not be non stop fucking or even fucking at all. After all the most popular punters in Bangkok these days are East Asian customers who get drunk and pass out before even having a go at the ladies they bring home!

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