101 Premier Massage on Soi 26

101 Premier Massage is a long running and well loved massage parlor on Sukhumvit Soi 26 in Bangkok. Actually it is just off of Soi 26. If you’re coming from Sukhumvit Road you enter the third little alley on the right at you’ll see it at the end. This is the way addresses work in Bangkok. We don’t make the rules, we just follow them!

This part of Bangkok is home to a whole lot of massage parlors. The list of options is long and in some cases legendary. Within a 5 minute walk you could get from 101 Premier to Cherry Massage, Don Quixote, Snow White, Can Cam Massage and many more. Yet many people still go to 101 and give it rave reviews. So that ought to tell you something!

Erotic massage at 101 Premier

101 Premier has been around for many years.You can tell just by looking at its old and arguably outdated website. It has a reputation for having hot chicks in high numbers. That’s mainly what guys go there for. So they get a lot of Asian customers who prioritize pretty ladies. A lot of western guys are more into different services might go elsewhere.

You won’t find a porn star experience like you see at Snow White or Cherry at 101 Premier. You won’t find any of the many fetish massage options that you see at Analisa or Sensual Massage here either. Basically you’ll find something like 50 pretty ladies with good bodies who will suck and fuck you for a couple of thousand Baht each. That’s simple enough, isn’t it? If we had to compare 101 Premier to any nearby massage parlor, it would probably be Don Quixote.

101 premier massage Thai lady

The rooms at 101 Premier are small but pretty clean. They have a hospital white look to them, but you can bet that the beds here get more use than most hospital beds outside of pandemic conditions. They do have a jacuzzi room too if you want to pay a little extra and get more. One hour oil massage in the regular room is 2000 Baht. A ninety minute oil massage in the jacuzzi room is 2200. So the value is clearly in the bigger room.

The sex service is pretty much according to script. You chat for a few seconds. Then you both undress. Next you shower together. You usually finish first. When the lady is done she comes to the bed and starts jacking you off. When you’re hard she puts a condom on your unit and sucks it. Then she jumps on it and rides you to completion. It’s that easy!


The bad thing about 101 Premier is that they use the photobook system. The mamasan shows you a book of edited pictures that are airbrushed to make every girl look good. They won’t call up a lineup of the women who are working, which is rather annoying. Especially since a lot of the women in the photobook aren’t even there when you show up. But that is the way they do things here.

The girls at 101 are pretty but don’t expect them to look like their pictures. In some places they call that false advertising. In Bangkok, it’s just the standard business model. Most girls are going to be darker skinned than in the pictures. They can have a lot more wrinkles and stretchmarks than you see in the pictures too. So be prepared. Or just go to a place like Doki Doki that does lineups.

101 Premier Massage is what it is, an erotic oily massage parlor with pretty women. A lot of guys like it. A lot of those guys are from Asia. But don’t think there aren’t any western guys going to 101. You can see all sorts of dudes going in and out all day and night. It’s a very busy place. You find that out when the mamasan tells you that your first five choices in the photo book are all busy!

101 Premier Massage is open every day from 11 AM to 12 AM. The phone number is 080-782-2012. Their website is http://www.101premiermassage.com/en/. The location of the massage parlor is pinpointed on the map above.

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