Overview of Snow White massage on Soi 24/1

Snow White is a legendary naughty massage parlor located on Sukhumvit Soi 24/1 in Bangkok. This is one of the remaining old school knocking shops. It is known as a PSE or “porn star experience” place. That basically means that the women who work at Snow White are known for being very eager to please.

You can find Snow White on the right side of Soi 24/1 if coming from Sukhumvit Road. It’s just a few meters from the intersection. It’s right inside the first alley There are some plants out front but the numerous green and red signs in English are very easy to see. There is a glass door so people could see inside if they wanted. But it’s still in a somewhat discreet location.

Sex service at Snow White massage

There’s no pretense of a traditional or mainstream massage at Snow White at all. When you walk in to the shop you see the seating area in the back. The women working Snow White women sit there on one side and hope to get picked. After that it is up into the small but sufficient rooms for the action.

Thai masseuse snow white bangkok

Each room has a shower, a recliner seat and a stable bed that can take a lot of bouncing around. It’s not a beautiful place like Daisy Dream by any means. But it’s not a total dump either. Anyway, no one goes to Snow White to look at the decorations. Most people don’t even go to look at the women. Simply put, it’s all about the service.

Prices and summary

A regular one hour massage at Snow White is 1900 Baht. That’s less than you pay at most other oilies in Bangkok these days. Though it is close to what was a standard rate of 1900-2100 Baht for more than a decade. The price for a massage at Snow White is all inclusive. That means it comes with everything, and there’s not limit on pops. So you can cum as many times as you want during the appointment.

The women are known to give great oral. Many of them can even deep throat. Most give and receive rimming too. Some are even okay with golden showers. A+ or anal service is offered by a lot of the ladies too, and there’s never any extra charge for that.

Snow White doesn’t have the prettiest girls in Thailand for sure. But it has some of the most eager and erotic masseuses to be found in any country. Snow White is what erotic massage in Thailand used to be like in the good old days. And the prices reflect that too. That’s all enough for a lot of guys. It’s easy to see why.

Snow White Massage is open every day from 10 AM to 11 PM. The phone number is 080-652-3588. The location of the massage parlor is pinpointed on the map above.


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