Overview of Kazy Kozy on Soi Cowboy

Kazy Kozy is the newest go go bar along the famous Soi Cowboy strip. It was opened by the owners of Crazy House just around the corner in 2019. But it is definitely not the same kind of bar. Crazy House is known for being a raunchy place with naked dancers. Kazy Kozy is a lot more like a standard Soi Cowboy bar. Some of the dancers do get topless or naked, but the place is more focused on choreographed shows like Suzy Wong.

Kazy Kozy is easy to find on Soi Cowboy. Just look for the red and black sign. Inside the stage goes long ways. There are two rows of seats all around. The seats are fastened to the ground and they aren’t very roomy. The seats in the front row are right on the floor. So waitresses, dancers and customers are standing right in front of you all the time. Sometimes they end up standing right on you if you’re not careful.

While Crazy House is a big go go bar, Kazy Kozy is more on the small side. There is not much room to move around. The stage even seems cramped, especially since they stuck a big motorcycle on it for some odd reason. The size of the place might not matter so much however, for reasons that will become obvious.

It is fair to say that Kazy Kozy isn’t as crazy as Crazy House. Maybe that’s what the name is about. Anyway it doesn’t have as many naked dancers so that might be why it doesn’t have as many punters inside either. On the one hand that’s good if you like some room. But it also says something about the place. Over at Crazy House there are times when you can barely get in the door and find a seat!

Kazy Kozy also seems to have less sexy women around that Crazy House. It almost looks like they sent the B team over to Kazy Kozy. Meanwhile the best looking women are still dancing at Crazy House. On the other hand it could just be coincidence, but I am not the only one who sees the difference. One review online described the Kazy Kozy dancers as “bad bodies with stretch marks.”

What about prices? Drinks are getting more expensive in Thai go go bars. You can see that clearly at Kazy Kozy where a basic drink is 180 Baht. Lady drinks are higher, and the dancers usually try for double drinks which cost 360 Baht a go. The barfine is a lot more reasonable at 850 Baht. That’s cheaper than Walking Street Pattaya go go bars, but more than you would expect to pay at most other Bangkok go go bars even a couple of years ago.

The dancers ask more of course. You can expect to be quoted as much as 3000 Baht for short time. Long time if it is even offered or available is usually quoted at well over 3000 Baht. So this is not a cheap place at all. Then again, the main agogos in general are definitely not budget businesses these days. Especially with the strong Baht.

Crazy House opens at 7 PM and closes at around 1 AM. The map above shows the bar’s exact location.


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