2020 Thailand bar closure dates

Thailand has several public holidays every year. By most accounts, Thailand actually has one of the highest numbers of holidays of any country in the world. But what matters for most is whether or not the bars are open. Throughout the years there are days and times when bars are closed and alcohol sales are banned by law. Here’s a list for 2020.

This list may not be perfect. We can only make predictions based on past experiences here in the Land of Smiles. But as anyone with experience with Thailand knows, things can change at any given time. So what is true today may not be tomorrow. With that said, here’s a list of official and unofficial holidays in Thailand in 2020, and the corresponding status of the bars.

  • January 1: New Year’s Day. Bars are open
  • January 25: Chinese New Year
  • February 8: Makha Bucha. BARS ARE CLOSED!
  • April 6: Chakri Day. Bars are open.
  • April 13-15: Songkran Festival. Bars are open, water is flying.
  • May 1: Labor Day. Bars are open.
  • May 6: Visakha Bucha Day. BARS ARE CLOSED!
  • May 11: Royal Ploughing Ceremony. Bars are open.
  • June 3: H.M. The Queen’s Birthday. Bars are open.
  • June 6: Asanha Bucha. BARS ARE CLOSED!
  • June 7: Buddhist Lent. BARS ARE CLOSED!
  • July 28: H.M. The King’s Birthday. Bars are open.
  • August 12: H.M Queen Mother’s Birthday. Bars are open.
  • October 1: Wan Awk Phansa. BARS ARE CLOSED!
  • October 13: Passing of King Bhumibol Rama IX. Bars are open.
  • October 23: Chulalongkorn Memorial Day. Bars are open.
  • November 1: Loy Krathong. Bars are open.
  • December 7: Birthday of H.M. King Bhumibol (Rama IX). Bars are open.
  • December 10: Constitution Day. Bars are open.
  • December 31: New Year’s Eve. Bars are open.

To reiterate, based on what we know and have experienced in the past, there will be five days that the bars cannot open this year. They are: February 8, May 6, June 6, June 7 and October 1. This could of course change at any moment based on real time advents. But this serves as the best reference you can have in advance.

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