Rainbow 3 go go bar in Nana Plaza

Rainbow 3 is one of the go go bars in the Rainbow group in Nana Entertainment Plaza. Rainbow 3 might be the least known of all the Rainbow go go bars, but that could simply be because of its location.

Rainbow 3 is located back in the corner on the middle floor of Nana Plaza. It has the usual glowing sign outside. A lot of times there are some dancers outside too. I guess it gets crowded inside. The bar isn’t that big.

There is a narrow stage down the middle and bench seats against the front wall. That’s about it. Ten or twelve women dance at a time. Another group of ten more takes their place after every few songs. The ladies wear short shorts and bikini tops. Some of them drop their tops when they are on stage.

The Rainbow bars are known to attract a Japanese crowd. Westerners are allowed too, but you mainly see Japanese guys inside. At Rainbow 3 there are just as many white guys as Japanese guys. I don’t know why that is, I just know that it is.

Drinks are 160 Baht. The bar fine is 600 Baht. Some of the women seem a lot more keen to leave the bar than others.

Rainbow 3 go go bar in Nana Entertainment Plaza is open every day from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM. The exact location of the bar is pinpointed on the map below.

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