Nana Plaza now has a roof!

Nana Plaza on Sukhumvit Soi 4 is one of the most well known go go bar centers in all of Thailand. The other is Soi Cowboy. Until recently, Nana Plaza was open to the elements. That has finally been brought to an end as the famed NEP has been covered with an engineered roof meant to keep the rain out even during the strongest of downpours during rainy season.

Nana Plaza New Roof

I have to admit that it looks pretty good. It is pretty much sure to keep the rain off the plaza even when the monsoon rolls in for its annual water dump. I don’t know what it will do for the temperature but I don’t think it will have any effect. Air still circulates through the open areas. The roof is high enough up that it doesn’t seem to interfere.

Does this give Nana Plaza a step up over Soi Cowboy? Maybe. It depends who you ask. Soi Cowboy will still be open to the elements. The bars can go either way. Customers can get further in some bars over on Soi Cowboy than Nana Plaza. Nana has more ladyboy bars. Cowboy has limited topless and nude dancing. Several places in Nana have nude dancers.

Prices are about the same across the board. There are exceptions. Some places are now even trying on bar fines of over a thousand Baht. That seems to have migrated up from some go go bars in Pattaya. On the other hand, Pattaya is generally less expensive than Bangkok.

There’s also the fact people heading to Nana during the rain would still have to walk through heavy downpours and ankle deep puddles in the streets leading to and from Nana. I especially mean Soi 4 itself. Even on the driest of days that bit of pavement can be very tough to travel. It gets absolutely filled with street sellers, street walkers and people in general. It’s usually easier to walk down the street, but that gets filled with taxis and other vehicles too.

I guess they have thought of it a bit. They are now working on raising the floor in the beer garden at Nana Plaza. This should keep water out on the street, where it belongs?

Nana Plaza has been getting more upgrades and updates than any other go go bar area lately. They are also doing a lot of online internet marketing and promotion. It’s clear they want to keep going strong. This really puts to rest any of the never ending rumors that Nana is going to be sold and shut down tomorrow, next week, or next year (depending on who you ask).

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