Linda Place on Patpong 2

Linda Place is a specialty bar on Patpong 2 where things are known to happen away from prying eyes. In previous years Linda Place went by other names such as “The World” and “Kob’s Place.” The names may have changed, and Linda left ages ago, but the bar remains more or less the same.

Linda Place is located one floor above Star of Light. The door is out on a balcony with two sets of stairs that lead down to the Patpong 2 street below. The bar has a blacked out door with the name “Linda Place” in orange letters. There are some small tables outside. When there are no customers in the bar the women sometimes sit outside.

The door to the bar is locked when customers are inside. A knock or two can get the door open sometimes. Other times when the bar is very busy the knock can be ignored.

There are normally no more than four or five women working at Linda Place. Some of them look like they could work in go go bars. Others look like they aged out of the go go circuit many years ago. The owner and her family take turns working behind the bar.

The bar is quite old and it shows. Or it would show if the lights were a little brighter. Some efforts have been made to spruce it up though. Recently the whole place got a new paint job.

There’s a “no cover charge” sign outside. A remnant of the days when clip joints were common. Drinks are priced about the same as they would be in any other small hole in the wall bar in Patpong. The women don’t push for lady drinks but they will take them when given the opportunity. So will the owners.

There are several booths along the left side of the bar. They have small partitions between them but those offer little privacy. Still a lot of action can happen right on those booths for paying customers. A drink usually gets the clothes off. Two gets two sets of pants on the ground. More modest customers usually use a mattress in the back corner of the bar behind a curtain.

The real price for a blow in the bar is 700 Baht. For a roll on the mattress in the back it’s 1000. People new to the bar who fumble around asking the rate might be charged more. It’s not a rip off joint but they will get what they can.

Linda Place is a lot like Rose Bar but it often has better looking women inside. Linda Place is open from 4:00 PM to 2:00 AM every day officially but some of the women live inside the bar and will open the door whenever they hear someone knocking. The exact location of the bar is pinpointed on the map below.

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