Fanny’s go go bar in Soi Cowboy

Fanny’s is a small go go bar in Soi Cowboy where some old hands on staff are known to gets hands on with customers. In recent years, the owner of Fanny’s brought on a team of coyotes who are good looking but not into touching customers so much.

Fanny’s has a big bright sign. It can’t be missed unless the neon lights in the alley all start to blend in to one big illuminated mess. Even then, the other signs in front of the go go bar can be spotted.

The regular go go girls are older than the coyotes of course. Most of them are probably thirty plus. Maybe there are some late twenties women in the mix. For a 500 to 700 Baht tip they are keen to take out guy’s hotdogs for a hands on inspection. They are discreet but sometimes you can tell what’s going on anyway. That dude across the bar from you isn’t smiling for nothing.

They want lady drinks too. Lady drinks are 200 Baht at Fanny’s. That’s not the highest lady drink rate around but it’s not the cheapest either. The women will order them as fast as they can. The stroking is not so fast as more time normally means more money for the ladies.

The coyote girls are mostly for eye candy. Still they seem to get as many customers as the veterans. So some people like service and some like to have something nice to look at. At Fanny’s, both are available. It’s a lot like Jungle Jim’s.

Fanny’s is open every day from 7:00 pm to 2:00 am or later depending on the crowd and the regulations in place at the time. The location of the bar is pinpointed on the map below.

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