DC-10 go go bar in Nana Plaza

DC-10 is a ladyboy go go bar in Nana Plaza. Originally, it was just a small go go bar with a unique theme. The layout inside resembles a DC-10 airplane. Hence the name. More recently ladyboys took over. Now the bar is one of the many ladyboy hot spots in Nana Plaza.

DC-10 never really attracted good looking dancers. It looked old, smelled old, played old rock music, and had older women dancing on stage. Don’t get me wrong, they were nice enough. The place just looked like it was from another time.

Now that it’s a ladyboy bar not much has changed. The inside still looks the same. That is to say, it still looks old. The music might be more modern but they hardly get the hottest ladyboys inside. It almost looks like they sent some of the more masculine and older ladyboys over from some of the other bars to put them out to pasture. I don’t know.

DC-10 is a small bar on the middle floor of the Plaza. Inside there is a stage running down the middle and bench seating on both sides. There are about ten or twelve ladyboys inside. Five or so dance while another five sit around the seats either trying to get customers to buy them drinks or messing about on their phones. There are usually a few ladyboys out front trying to coral guys inside too.

It’s not like Soi 6/1 in Pattaya though. That’s probably because it doesn’t have to be. At this point, enough guys are leaving lonely ladies at home and actively searching out ladyboys to keep bars like DC-10 in business. More ladyboy bars open all the time!

Drinks for customers at DC-10 are 150 Baht which is a little cheaper than average. Lady drinks are about the same price. The bar fine is 700 Baht, but it is apparently negotiable. The ladyboys don’t pressure as much as they do in some other Nana Plaza bars, but they do beg for drinks at times.

DC-10 ladyboy go go bar in Nana Entertainment Plaza is open every day from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM. The exact location of the bar is pinpointed on the map below. If you want to talk to ladyboys without traveling to a bar, you can always check out the ladyboy dating site Ladyboy Kisses right now from the comfort of your own location. It’s free to look at all the Thai ladyboys there and you might find someone you like.

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