Kangaroo Club in Patpong

Kangaroo Club is one of several blowjob bars in Patpong. Kangaroo Bar is open to the public, but it is slightly hidden from view since it is located one floor above the street level. There is a sign for Kangaroo Bar but it can blend in with the surroundings on Patpong Soi 1, which is filled with lighted signs and a night market.

The door to Kangaroo on ground level is manned by a security guard. When you enter the door, this security door notifies the people upstairs that someone is coming. This seems to be meant as a safety measure.

Upstairs, Kangaroo looks a lot like a regular bar. It sort of resembles the nearby Rose Bar, but it is a little more modern and also slightly more cramped. The floor space contains a bar with stools, some couches against the wall, a fish aquarium and a television that plays mostly Thai porn.

Kangaroo usually has three to five women on hand. They are often mixed in age and appearance. If there is an average employee at Kangaroo they are probably thirty and slightly chubby. Occasionally there will be a woman age twenty or twenty that wouldn’t be out of place in any go go bar around too.

Kangaroo never gets full, but it does get more visitors than Rose, or at least, more people that hang around in the bar even when they are not being serviced. Services can be done publicly but usually they are performed in a one of two small rooms in the back of the bar. The price is 800 Baht.

Kangaroo Club opens around 11 AM and closes when the last customer leaves. The map below shows the bar’s exact location.

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