Crazy House go go bar in Soi Cowboy

Crazy House may not be the most popular go go bar in Bangkok, but it’s certainly one of them. It also a good reputation with residents of Bangkok and regular visitors to the city’s somewhat seedy nightlife sections.

The reason it has such a good reputation is also the reason it has such a wild reputation. Simply put, Crazy House is one of the last fully nude go go bars in Bangkok and it probably has fifty or more ladies working every day of the week. It is also a very hand’s on kind of bar (which is not to be confused with a “hands free” bar like Kangaroo in Patpong). In other words, the many fully nude dancers are usually touched all over by customers who buy them lady drinks. A lot of times, the touching goes both ways, or to put it in other terms, “the feelings are mutual.”

Technically, Crazy House is located on Sukhumvit Soi 23. But since it’s immediately around the corner from the dense strip of go go bars on Soi Cowboy people usually just call it a Soi Cowboy go go bar.

Crazy House has a large ground floor with a bar in the back and a stage more or less up front. There are seats all around including some booths to right of the entrance which is where most of the groping goes down.

There is also a second level with a glass floor. Women in the buff or wearing skirts and no panties dance up there too, which gives guys down below a good view no matter where they are seated. Unless, of course, they are in one of the few seats blocked from the stage by a pillar.

Crazy House does get incredibly crowded at times. It also has a team of Thai guards that can be on the aggressive side at times. The average punter doesn’t run into any problems on a regular night out, but there are stories of people having run ins with the guys out front and a few people have even reported extra drinks showing up on their bills. Like anything else, there are all kinds of things at play.

As always, people who get drunk seem a lot more likely to run into problems than others who limit their drinks or remain sober. That can be tough for guys in Bangkok go gos though, even when a bottle of beer costs 170 Baht.

Lady drinks are 170 Baht too, which you don’t always see. A lot of times lady drinks cost significantly more than the drinks for customers. The bar fine at Crazy House is 800 Baht, which is more or less standard. The women who work there can set their own fees on top of that to ask from customers for sex, but the usual asking price is 2200 for short time or 3200 for long time. Some dancers will quote much higher prices if they don’t really want to leave the bar with a customer. From what I hear, Indian guys in particular often get quoted crazy rates.

Short time is a lot more popular for dancers at Crazy House. They can hop over to a nearby short time hotel and get their money in time to get back on stage and earn even more. Dancers can and will do long time (which basically means overnight) stays too, but it isn’t nearly as common.

Additionally, the mamasans will sometimes try to push “package deals” on customers. This is becoming a thing in some Bangkok agogos. Basically, one of the mamas will tell a customer the rate for short time is 3000 Baht to be paid up front to the bar. That supposedly includes everything, but it leaves the customer with little to no recourse if anything goes wrong.

The long time standard operating procedure in almost all of Southeast Asia’s bar is that customers pay a bar fine to the bar and whatever else directly to the lady after the deed is done. That is the way it has always worked even if some people are now trying to change it. It allows the customer to withhold payment until they receive the services agreed upon, but it also assumes the customers won’t abuse the situation.

Crazy House opens at 7 PM and closes when the last customer leaves or the boss declares it is time to go. The map below shows the bar’s exact location.


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