A dating site for finding local hookups

There are basically a few kinds of veterans you find when it comes to dealing with women on a sexual level. You’ve got the really old guys who have been around since Kennedy and can tell you about all the old fun you missed out on. Then you’ve got the in between guys who know what the old days were like but are still able to manage the modern scene including technology like the internet. These are the guys who find most of their women on adult dating sites or smartphone apps. A lot of times you’ll hear them heaping scorn on newbies and one week millionaires who instead spend their time trolling the go go bars where they find short times at high prices.

Finally you’ve got the playboys. They aren’t a generational group. They are guys who, no matter their age or origins, are masters at the free meet and fuck. Or at least that’s what they’ll tell you. As you learn the more time you spend in Southeast Asia, things aren’t always what they seem. That goes for the old drunks who yell out tales of their exploits in the ultra secret black ops armies of Europe and the beautiful women who are packing cocks in their frocks.

Sometimes things are what they appear to be though. You’ve just got to learn to actually look at what you’re seeing, if that makes any sense. It can’t be any clearer when you’re watching sexy girls fucking, but still some people manage to mess it up.

The horror stories are endless from guys who followed the little head. As the saying goes, “you get what you get when you’re thinking with your dick.” But for millions, thinking with their dicks actually got them to paradise, or at least a place where they could find hot women fucking on a regular basis with no strings attached other than the occasional drink or bit of taxi money.

Have I told you anything that you don’t already know? Maybe, or maybe not. I guess that would depend on whether or not you were a veteran. Some may call me that but others may questions my credentials. I think I do a good job of covering Bangkok and nearby areas, but there will always be some who disagree and think they can do it better.

Everyone in Thailand knows about Thai Friendly, or at least they should. That’s because it’s the most popular dating site in the Land of Smiles. There are a couple of other sites around too. They aren’t as wellknown or effective.

The dating apps are more popular now than they ever were before. Some of them are free, but they usually charge money for the best features. With so many free users it can cost a few bucks to stand out, but it’s rarely more than a rub down at a massage parlor. Thai Friendly has an app of its own that connects with its larger site easily. This is the future that some of the veterans wish would be forgotten, but in fact they are the ones disappearing from memory.

There will always be different levels of things. So there are still old school specialty bars in Patpong while at the same time there are new escort services that look like Uber and let punters follow their service providers right to their rooms thanks to GPS tracking. There’s really something for everyone.

Now everyone is on LocalFuck.org but it’s at least an organized place to find sexy girls fucking. At this point I guess it’s one of many. Like I said there are different levels. That’s what makes the world interesting though. It’s also what makes a site like this possible and even necessary.

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