Thonglor Massage 2 on Soi 24

Thonglor Massage 2 (also known as Thonglor II and Thinglor Massage) is an oily massage parlor located near the Compass Skyview Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 24 in Bangkok. From the front it almost looks like a “regular” massage parlor or even a spa. In reality it is another happy ending joint.

Thonglor II Massage

Thonglor 2 is in a big building. Even the lobby is big. There is an old Thai manager who seems to be there around the clock. She isn’t the most pleasant lady in the world but no one goes there to see her so I guess it doesn’t matter.

At Thonglor 2 they do lineups of all the available women for customers. There are usually five or six ladies around. They don’t wear anything sexy though. They wear the kind of baggy fisherman pants and t-shirts you see at the regular massage parlors all over Thailand. So it’s difficult to get an idea of what the women look like beyond their faces.

Thonglor 2 doesn’t hire supermodels but most of the women there are actually pretty fit. They have good attitudes too. At least one of the women who works at Thonglor 2 is stunningly beautiful and another with a less attractive face has an absolutely incredible body.

They show a menu with all kinds of “spa packages” but I guess most guys go for a sixty minute oil massage for 650 Baht. Maybe someone is getting some skin treatments too but for some reason I doubt it.

Massages take place up what seems like a few thousand stairs in big private rooms. The rooms are clean and have large beds and private showers that actually look clean. That alone sets this place apart from at least ninety percent of the competition. You can tell from the lobby that this isn’t the average dumpy place.

The massages are performed in the nude after a shower. Full service is included but that of course incurs an extra cost of 1500 Baht. I think lower level services like handjobs are probably available too. The women all know what they are doing.

Thonglor Massage 2 is open every day from 10:30 AM to midnight. The website is The location of the shown is pinpointed in the map below.

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