Magic Table on Soi 7/1

Magic Table is a go go bar and more on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 in Bangkok. Magic Table stands on its own as far as go go bars are concerned. It is not located in Nana Plaza, Soi Cowboy or Patpong. Instead it sits on Soi 7/1 near places like Wood Bar and The Eden Club. For its small size Soi 7/1 packs a lot of places of this nature.

Magic Table Bangkok

Magic Table has been around for years. The owners might have changed but the bar remains pretty much the same. It has a huge front patio with lots of chairs and a regulation pool table. Some of the women from the bar sit outside playing pool or using their phones when they don’t have customers. They wear silk kimono like robes to cover up their short dresses which leave nothing to the imagination.

That brings me to the name of the place. The reason its called “Magic Table” is that there are two stage inside made of mirrors. The stages are elevated up above the stools and the dancers don’t wear and panties. So when customers sit around the stage they can look up to see everything or look down at the “magic table” which makes the same thing appear in reverse.

The mirrored stages on the left part of the place down a little step. To the right is a regular bar and to the right of that are some other seats and poles that get get used much. Straight back from the entrance there is a bathroom along with two VIP rooms. The biggest VIP room is right behind the area with the stages and it even has windows with one way glass so that people in the VIP room can see out into the bar.

The VIP rooms are big but dark so possibly not all that clean. They are filled with leather couches and tables along with dancing areas and more. They are really well built for purpose.

There are usually three to five dancers at Magic Table. On top of that there is a mamasan and a bartender. There are rarely any more than a few customers in the bar. Sometimes there are none.

The dancers are nice and friendly even if they aren’t the best looking in Bangkok. They are also willing to go with customers back into the VIP rooms for a fee. That fee is 1200 Baht. Usually it entails close to an hour in the VIP room along with a blowjob. The women will normally go even further but they might expect a tip for that.

The Eden Club is open every day from 7:00 PM to 1:00 AM. The location of the shown is pinpointed in the map below.


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