The Eden Club on Soi 7/1

The Eden Club is a swinger style massage parlor of sorts on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1. Located near the better known Wood Bar, the Eden Club was once one of the most famous or infamous places in Bangkok. It was started by a Frenchman who decided that one woman wasn’t enough for one man. So he set up this place where customers have to take a minimum of two women to the rooms!

The inside of The Eden Club is set up like a nice bar. Early on you could wander in, have a drink, chat with the owner and bartender, and chat and play with the women. Apparently the owner got sick of guys coming in and nursing beers then leaving though, because he instituted a rule where customers could only have one drink. After that they had to take some women to a room or leave. Needless to say he developed a negative reputation among a lot of people.

Ownership later changed but the place continues to follow the same policies. There are between ten and twenty women working at The Eden Club. Most of them are in their thirties but a few are younger. One or two moved over from other places where they had good reputations but fell out with the owners.

There is a yellow line painted down the middle of the floor and up the wall at Eden. The women line up against the wall. The ladies who stand on one side of the wall do anal and the women who stand on the other side do not.

Customers pay 3900 Baht for a 90 minute session with unlimited pops. The rooms are big and clean and Eden has everything from sex toys to sex swings and uniforms available. The women all play with each other and other women and they seem to be genuinely bisexual and agreeable.

People have different opinions about Eden but it still seems to be going strong so they are definitely getting customers. The business model hasn’t exactly set the world on fire but the Devil’s Den in Pattaya follows the same script so there is obviously some call for it.

The Eden Club is open every day from 1:00 PM to Midnight. The phone number is 02-255-4672. The website is The location of the shown is pinpointed in the map below.


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