Chrome Bar on Soi 7/1

Chrome Bar on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1 in Bangkok is actually not a bar at all. It is a massage parlor. Chrome Bar took the place of Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage parlor seemingly overnight. One day Dr BJ’s Salon was gone and a new place called Wood Bar opened in its place. The same thing happened with Dr BJ’s Nuru. Alls well that ends well however since the only thing that has changed about either place is the name and the color of the paint on the walls.

chrome bangkok nuru massage girls

Chrome Bar specializes in nuru massage. That form of massage involves a woman covered in slimy nuru lotion rubbing her body up against the customer. Nuru massage originated in Japan where the phrase nuru nuru describes slippery things.

There was once a huge staff of women working at Dr BJ’s Nuru Massage. There don’t seem to be as many women at Chrome Bar but there are still enough around to meet customer demand. The women wear matching clothes and usually hang out on the front patio so you can see them just by walking up Soi 7/1.

When you walk in you get a lineup and the prices. They expect you to pay up front then you can go to your room where you get the service.

The rooms at Chrome Bar are pretty normal. They have a shower side where the nuru takes place and another dry side with a bed where full service is normally offered after. The women are supposed to be trained in the art of nuru massage but that might not always be evident.

Chrome Bar no longer lists prices on their website for some reason but they seem to be just as they were before. So the standard service is 2000 Baht. Service in a larger VIP room is 3000 Baht.

Chrome Bar is open every day from 10 AM to 12 AM. The website is Here is a map:

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