Bitstyle Massage on Soi 22

Bitstyle Massage is a specialty bar located on Sukhumvit Soi 22 in Bangkok. The bar has been through many iterations over the years, apparently as a result of changes in ownership.

Bitstyle started as a Japanese style pink salon. It even looked like a pink salon upstairs. The Japanese invented the BJ bar so they know how to do it, but it is a different experience from the Thai style BJ bars like Kasalong on Soi 6.

Bitstyle Massage

Later on Bitstyle sort of changed. It still offers oral services but it also offers a bunch of other specialty services like too. It may have been influenced by the rise of kinky massage parlors on Soi 22. They all seem to have been “inspired” by Exotic Massage, to put it kindly.

Bitstyle has a small basic lobby. There is a lady manager who works the desk. She has a menu with different options that include everything from tantric massage to full service. Customers are also offered free drinks which is a nice touch common to Japanese style shops in Bangkok.

Bitstyle has ever been cheap. Now full service starts at 3,000 Baht. Even a massage with a handjob is 1,300 Baht. They offer sensual massages for couples for 2,500 Baht but it ends with oral. There are too many other charges to list.

Bitstyle has about ten women working. One or two are really hot. Some are pretty good looking. A few are old and chubby. As with any massage parlor in Bangkok the staff can change from one day to the next.

Bitsyle is open every day from 10:30 AM to midnight. Its website is The location of the shown is pinpointed in the map below.


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