The Lord Palace Hotel & Spa

The Lord Palace and Spa is a high end soapy massage complex in Bangkok. It is located near some of the other famous soapy massage businesses in the area including Ocean (Colonze 2) which is also on Soi Ratchadaphisek Soi 7.

The Lord looks like a five star hotel. It has a huge elaborate lobby with a live band and many managers dressed in suits. More than twenty service providers sit around the lobby. One group sits to the right. Others sit in a circle in the middle of the floor. Models are also available with booking.

The building has many long hallways filled with wait staff. Rooms are large and include big bath tubs and nice beds. The rooms look like they belong in high end hotels.

Most customers at The Lord are Thai. Others Asians and some farang also visit the business. Farang are charged more than locals. Farang rates start at 4000 baht. Models charge more.

The Lord is open every day from Noon to 2 AM. Its phone number is 022-48-8888. The website is

The exact location of The Lord is pinpointed on the map below.


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