The Den Bangkok

The Den was a hip lounge on Sukhumvit Soi 12 in Bangkok. It was totally different from almost every bar in the city.

The Den was large and elaborate with a beautiful classy interior that included a shark tank and many red plush couches. Hostesses hung around with customers who could pull curtains around their seats for privacy. The service was great and the atmosphere was nice too. The music was low enough that people could actually have conversations. There was also a motel next door for people who wanted to grab a room.

After some time the landlord decided to jack up the rent to some very high amount. It made no sense for the people who owned The Den to pay the sky high new rent so they went out of business.

Sadly, this happens a lot in Bangkok. The landowner is now left with a building that has been empty for months. Maybe this is all part of the plan. It could be sold to someone who wants to put in another coffee chain or something like that.

The same building used to be home to White Lioness which was the only go go bar in Bangkok that had white ladies dancing on stage. It also closed of course.

The Den is no more, but some of the women who work there are now in the bar in front of Bangkok Bunnies go go bar over in Nana Plaza. The old location is shown below.


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