Rose Bar in Patpong

Rose Bar is an age old blowjob bar in Patpong 1. It is located upstairs of a shoe store called Patpong Gold. The entrance is a small door at ground level with a male security guard. There is a colorful sign above the door that says “Rose”.

The bar is old and small but still larger than Star Of Light nearby. It is dark with faint green lighting. A bar is on the right side and booths are on the left side.

Two or three service providers work at Rose Bar every night. They are middle aged and sometimes bigger than average. They offer their services for 800 Baht. Drinks are available at regular prices. Activities can be public though there are usually few or no people in the bar other than the staff.

Rose has been around for many years. It opens every day at 4 PM and closes whenever the last customer leaves. It has no website.

The map below shows the exact location of Rose Bar.

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