Love Teen Massage

Love Teen Massage is one of the countless oily massage parlors in Bangkok. It has been around for many years. Some classify it as a teen massage parlor.

To work in a massage parlor in Thailand a woman has to be at least 19 years old. So a teen massage would only have a short period of time to work with any one woman if they wanted to be honest advertisers. In reality the women at Love Teen are mainly in their 20’s which is true of almost all other massage parlors except those who have ladies who are even older.

Love Teen is located on Sukhumvit Soi 33 near Dream Heaven Soi 33. The shop offers various types of massages but essentially it is a place where guys get a full service massage for 2100 baht. Prices can increase or decrease slightly depending on the various options chosen.

The average fee for a full service massage at an oily massage parlor in Bangkok is 2000 baht. Love Teen is slightly more expensive and unlike other shops it requires payment upfront.

There are six or seven women on staff. Few look like teens. Some are chubby or even overweight. Many show signs of motherhood. They all perform their work in satisfactory manner but the place is not a star factory.

The rooms at Love Teen are located up a long staircase. They are small and have weak air conditioners. They are kept clean. The bedding is not worn and the showers are spick and span. It can be a popular place at key times.

Love Teen Massage is open every day from noon to midnight. It no longer maintains a website. The exact location of the shop is pinpointed on the map below.

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