Dream Heaven Massage Soi 33

There are several Dream Heaven Massage locations in Bangkok. The owner is a former massage girl who opened her own massage parlor then went on to open even more around the city. One location is the Dream Heaven Massage Soi 26. Another is Dream Heaven Massage Soi 33 which is located next to Love Teen Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 33.

Dream Heaven Soi 33 has a large lobby surrounded by glass. The sign is in blue and shows the name in English and Japanese. There are so many Japanese people on Soi 33 that some people call it “Soi Japan” but people from all over the world can be found, especially going in and out of the many massage parlors.

Around ten women work at Dream Heaven Soi 33 most days. They are usually in their 20’s. Some have had children. A few have not.

The massage rooms are upstairs. They are medium size. Each has a bed and a shower. They are nothing special but at least they are kept clean. The prices are slightly over average. A full service massage is 2100 baht at Dream Heaven, which is 100 baht more than most other oily massage parlors charge. Known and trusted customers pay on the way out. Unknown customers pay upfront.

Dream Heaven Massage Soi 33 is open every day from 11:00 am to 1:00 am. Its website is dreamheavenmassage.com. The location of the shown is pinpointed in the map below.


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