BarBar fetish club

BarBar is one of a handful of fetish clubs in Bangkok. It is located on Patpong 2 next to The Strip go go bar.

The BarBar club is easy to see with its dark black exterior. There is usually a dominatrix or Thai guy standing outside with some sort of leather whipping device to bring customers in. When people enter they go up a flight of stairs to enter the club.

The club is huge. The entrance package costs 900 baht. This includes a drink and a short show provided by a mistress and a slave. It involves some spanking and hot wax. Much more is also available from the small staff which consists of some Thai ladies in their late-20’s and 30’s. Members pay different fees.

The club has play rooms, public showers, a medical room, and all sorts of apparatuses like crosses and other things that people can be tied too. All sorts of adventures can go on. Only those who enter know the full extent of it.

There is no official dress code but the club recommends that people wear black. The people on staff wear various black clothing and outfits.

BarBar is open every day from 7:00 pm to midnight. Its website is The exact location of the club is indicated on the map below.


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