Overview of Som’s Haven on Soi 14

Som’s Haven has relocated and reopened under another name. Read this Overview of Duangporn Haven to learn about the new shop. This post has been preserved for your reading pleasure, but the original Som’s Haven no longer exists.

Som’s Haven was another blowjob bar in Bangkok. It was owned by Som who was well known years ago as a worker at Lolita’s. Som was once one of the most popular blowjob bar workers in all of Bangkok. Then she opened her own place and stopped giving service herself.

Som’s Haven didn’t look much like most other BJ bars in Bangkok. The bar was really casual and the women wore whatever they want instead of an imposed uniform. Probably Som was able to make her staff comfortable since she knows what their work is like.

Location of Som’s Haven

Som’s Haven was located on Sukhumvit Soi 14. It was next to a restaurant that is very popular with locals and foreigners alike. The restaurant customers dine in the street but seemed to have no knowledge of Som’s or at least no interest in the people who went there. Som’s had a real following.

Som’s Haven did have a sign in front, but it wasn’t so clearly marked. People went there because they know it. It really proved that word of mouth is definitely the best kind of advertising. That’s even more true now that the internet has become a part of our everyday lives.

Staff, service, prices

There were usually a dozen or more women working at Som’s Haven. If the women working there weren’t busy, they usually sat outside. The women were from twenty to maybe forty years old. There weren’t usually many lookers there. It was more of a place where skills matter.

Inside there was a small lounge area with some booths and a tiny counter where bills were settled. Service took place upstairs in a series of private rooms with walls and doors. Each room also had a sink. The sink was used to clean customers before and after the service.

The walls only did so much and sounds carry throughout the upper floors. There were signs on the walls telling customers they should try to be quiet, but some people apparently didn’t see them or just didn’t care.

Regular service at Som’s Haven was 700 Baht. That entails a bareback blowjob to completion. Full service when available usually cost more. The rate for that was 1000 Baht in the regular room or more in a large private room. Drink prices were totally reasonable for the area.


Som’s Haven was one of the most popular blowjob bars in Bangkok. It was owned by a woman who was once one of the most popular blowjob bar workers in Bangkok. It achieved a sort of legendary status and it will be remembered fondly by a lot of men.

Som’s was open every day from 9:00 AM to 1 AM. Women showed up for work every day and put in their hours. Some got several customers each and every day. They had a loyalty to the shop with many hanging around for years.

It is true that Som’s Haven closed in 2018, but the new Duangporn Haven is basically just a relaunched of the same business. It is only a few minutes away by foot and it even employs most of the same women. Guys who miss Som’s Haven can simply walk over to Duangporn Haven for a similar experience with the same people.


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