Kasalong Bar in Bangkok

Kasalong is a well known blowjob bar in Bangkok. It was started someone who broke away from Lolita’s BJ Bar which is located just around the corner. You might think that there would be animosity between the two places but there doesn’t seem to be any. Women from Kasalong and Lolita’s can often be seen talking and joking around in the alley and at the Seven Eleven a few meters away where they often go for snacks and drinks.

Kasalong is located next to the S6 Sukhumvit Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 6 but it can also be accessed from Sukhumvit Soi 8 via a small alley that connects the two. That alley is coincidentally where Lolita’s is located.

Kasalong looks a lot like Lolita’s but it is in a larger building. It has a larger lobby complete with a pull table. It also uses full private rooms with walls and doors for service instead of the curtained off areas used at Lolita’s.

The women at Kasalong wear light blue skirts and matching white shirts with light blue ties. They look a lot like the uniforms worn at Lolita’s but they are a little nicer and a different color.

Different guys like different places. Some go back and forth between the two. They both stay fairly busy. They both have around a dozen women working most times too. Prices are also similar. It’s 800 Baht for a BJ at Kasalong or 1300 for full service in the large private room that comes complete with a full shower and bath.

Kasalong is open every day from 10 AM – 1 AM.

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