Bamboo Massage in Bangkok

Bamboo Massage is a long standing oily massage parlor in Bangkok. Located on Sukhumvit Soi 8 just across from the guest friendly On8 Hotel the business was started by a Thai lady named Bam who was once well known as an oily massage performer herself.

Bamboo Massage has a small sign and door. The door opens to a set of stairs which leads to the actual shop. The lobby of Bamboo Massage is nice and clear. There is a desk and a couch where customers can look at a photobook that contains pictures of the available women.

Bamboo usually has some women in their early twenties working but it more known for hiring slightly more mature women who have developed good erotic massage skills. Some of the women have been in the game for years and know all the tricks there are to know.

A one hour full service massage costs 2000 Baht all inclusive. Longer massages are more expensive. There are no hidden fees though there is a 500 Baht surcharge for A+ service from the women who offer that.

Rooms are nice and clean and have their own showers. The more expensive VIP room is nicer than the average rooms.

The Bamboo Massage website is and it contains the pictures of the same women as the photobook in the shop. The shop is open every day from 10 AM to midnight. The shop also offers outcall. Its phone number is 02-254-4487. The location is pinpointed below.


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