Tulip Massage now has a fishbowl

Tulip Massage now has a fishbowl. Well it is not a real one like the ones with windows they have in the soapy massage parlors like Emmanuelle or Poseidon, but they now have a kind of “lounge” for the girls.

It is on the ground floor, next to the cashier. They have built a separate area where the girls are sitting and waiting. Something similar to the one at Angel Massage. But smaller.

No need to take the stairs and go downstairs as before. It’s easier. And you can get a quick glance at the girls when entering or leaving the shop.

They also always have a few girls getting the make up at the make up station on the right-hand side when entering the shop. Similar to Angel Massage too.

Tulip is still a hit-or-miss kind of place, but it is now easier (and quicker) to make up your mind.

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