Nana Main Station, Pretty Lady Go-Go Bar, Nana Plaza, Bangkok

There is now a big blue sign on the ground floor of Nana Plaza, on the left-hand side. You can’t miss it. It covers the width of 2 regular Go-Go bar signs and it reads “Nana Main Station“. It is supposed to imitate the signage of a subway station.

It is actually the entrance of the new Pretty Lady Go-Go bar that has been completely renovated and now takes the space of former Pretty Lady Go-Go bar and former Red Lips Go-Go bar. The latter has disappeared.

Like Tilac on soi Cowboy, the new Pretty Lady Go-Go bar has 2 parallel entrances and is now one of the largest bars in Nana Plaza, with 2 large stages inside. However it is quite empty for now. While Lollipop next door is full of girls and customers, the new Pretty Lady has none of both.

Maybe the girls who used to work there have moved to other bars during the renovation and are now not to keen to come back. Like a new Go-Go bar, the big Pretty Lady has some staffing work to do. Let’s see how it goes.

No price information yet (we didn’t stay). If you have some, please share it with us.

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