Juizy Spa, Sutthisan Vinijchai Road, Bangkok

Juizy Spa Bangkok is another of these Teen Spa located far away from Bangkok’s downtown. Actually this one is easy to reach by MRT. Take the MRT (Subway) to Sutthisan station and walk 200 meters into Sutthisan Vinijchai road, a road that connects with Ratchada main road.

Juizy Spa is on the left side, directly on Sutthisan Vinijchai Road.

The rates start at 800 or 1,000 baht for a 1-hour oil massage (depending on the girl’s code) and then they have the usual list of options.

The rooms are clean but very basic, especially when you consider that usually Teen Spa shops are newer and better than Teen Massage shops.

English is spoken.

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