Euro Massage, Sukhumvit Soi 31, Bangkok

Euro Massage Bangkok has reopened! The special massage shop is actually located on the sixth floor of the Euro Grande Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 31.

The place was very intimidating for punters to reach for a while when the drama was going on. The police guarding the former Prime Minister’s house were stationed all around the hotel. Customers actually actually to walk around them!

Well, now there is a new head cheese. The police have left. Euro Massage is back to normal business operations. All is well, I guess.

Massage parlor bangkok

Euro Massage is a very peculiar shop because it is located inside an actual hotel.* The massage rooms are really just regular hotel rooms. It doesn’t look like the usual massage parlor* at all.

Although it doesn’t look like the usual massage parlor, essential it is when it comes to price and service. They have several all inclusive packages with different prices.

The rooms are big but they aren’t the best you’ll find in Bangkok by any means. They have the normal wear and tear you see around the city. Service is at a high level though. That’s normal for all the places aimed at Japanese guys of course.

Euro Massage is on the sixth floor of the Euro Grande Hotel. It is reached through the lift. They just use a room on the left side as a reception or office area.

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